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How to use puff heat transfer vinyl?

When you talk about puff vinyl, you will find a lot of options. Whether you have to choose a standard, flocked, glow-in-the-dark, or glittery puff vinyl. The type of puff vinyl we choose shows your style and choice. The style will allow your puff vinyl to shine through.

While you need basic instructions to use puff vinyl which are the same for all types of puff vinyl, there are some basic instructions and information you need to use for the heat transfer puff vinyl type. So here I’m going to teach some basic knowledge of puff vinyl and how to use puff heat transfer vinyl.

So the first question here is what even a puff vinyl is. Puff vinyl is a fabric material that puffs up on your garment or any other form of textile. When you expose puff vinyl to iron or with any heat press, they will cause a certain change. If they are heat transfer vinyl, they will bear this heat; otherwise, the heat will damage the puff-up vinyl on your garments. 

The puff vinyl gives your garments a decent and unique 3D appearance. This Puff heat transfer vinyl may be different. Some may be smooth or grippy or made may be of flocked material.

When it comes to using a puff vinyl, you need some instructions on how to use a puff vinyl. Here we are cracking them in detail. The puff vinyl is easy to use. It is not rocket science to use a puff vinyl. These are some important instructions you need to know. You must use these specific steps to apply it. If you use these basic tips for applying a 3D puff heat transfer vinyl, you will not face any difficulties while applying it.

If you are not using a pre-cut puff heat transfer vinyl, cut out the style while placing the vinyl side down on a plain mat.

Before pressing, you must preheat the shirt.

Never use a Teflon sheet while applying a puff vinyl. Before pressing, you may use any cover instead of a Teflon on the puff vinyl.

The temperature you use for puff vinyl is an important thing. Set the iron or any other heat press temperature to 320°F or 160°C. You can set the temperature up to 340°F. Do this only if you need a more puffy result.

Place the puff vinyl onto the shirt at the desired point. You can outline before applying at the desired location. Use HIGH PRESSURE and press puff vinyl for at least ten seconds.

Release the iron quickly.

Peel off the back leftover design. This step is not very difficult. It will peel off on its own once it gets cool.

Now you can enjoy your unique style of puff heat transfer vinyl!

After reading this article, you know that it’s not difficult to use and apply a puff heat transfer vinyl as you follow the above instructions. It will be easy to use the puff vinyl. You can also customize the design you want from online stores. Make your own designs if you own a brand. You can make logos of your brands by puff vinyl.

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