Wool Fabric

Properties, Production, and types of Wool Fabric

Wool fabric is obtained from animal skin and animal hair. All types of wool are not obtained from animal skin most people think wool is obtained from sheep skin, but this is not true.

Hairs from animal skin are harvested and spun in yarn to make wool from them. The fabric thus obtained is called wool fabric. The yarn obtained from spinning is then weaved into textiles.

The wool fabric is obtained from different parts of animal bodies.

Here are some types of wool fabric discussed below:

Merino wool is a type of wool usually produced in Spain. This is the most common type of wool we use so far. It is named after their origin from the merino sheep of Spain. These merino sheep are also bred in Australia. So, merino wool is also produced in Australia.


  • The wool is first spun in yarns.
  • The yarn obtained from spinning is weaved to make wool fabric.
  • The Wool fabric thus produces many types of garments and other textiles.
  • Merino wool cannot be worn next to the skin because of its greasy textures.
  • The greasy texture is because of lanolin present in merino wool. 
  • The lanolin is thus removed from the wool.

Another type of wool is Llama wool. Llama wool fabric has a rough texture. This rough texture will irritate you, so you can’t wear it next to your skin. This type of wool cannot only be used to make outerwear garments. So, you can wear them in winter. This wool is a rare type as it’s difficult to find breeders that produce this type of wool fabric. 

Peruvian wool is expensive of all types. The origin of Peruvian wool is Peru. The Peruvian government is trying to save endangered species of wool, so to make wool, you need to kill animals.

Wearing camel wool was taboo in ancient times. But camel wool has incredible insulative properties, so later, it started to grab people’s attention.

Mohair wool is obtained from Angora goats. It is incredibly thick and has a wavy texture. They are highly crimped, which leads to the production of crimped woolen garments and other textiles. Mohair woolen fabrics are used in making sweaters and carpets, which are famous worldwide.

Three main countries are famous for wool production.

Australia produces almost 25% of the world’s wool supply.

China has the world’s biggest textile and garment industries and produces 18% of the world’s wool supply.

Next comes the United States, which produces 17 % of the world’s wool supply.

New Zealand makes up 11 % of the world’s wool and supplies it to the world.

Australian innovation once shared a report on the cost of Australian wool. According to this report, Australian wool costs around $19.60 per kilogram. Hence, wool fabric is more expensive than other synthetic alternatives, but you can’t replace wool fabric because of its incredible insulative properties. The woolen garments look cool and decent and are necessary for winters.

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