12 Best Male To Female Voice Changer Apps For Android

Changing your voice in a male to female voice changer app is not something that comes out of the blue, but it’s something very normal when you need to hide your original identity. It’s kind of like when you use a fake name when registering at an online shopping store. You don’t think that you are doing anything illegal, but it is the same thing. If

You want to change your voice the male way, then this is exactly what female voice changer apps are for.

Voice FX Voice Changer

Voice FX Voice Changer is one of the most popular male to female voice changing apps for Android. It is very simple and easy to use even if you do not know anything about digital signal processing, equalization, or speech synthesis.

Voice Changer With Voice Effects: Female To Male & Boy To Girl For PC – Windows & Mac can also be used with voice changing software to male or female your voice. Unlike other male to female voice changer apps, this one provides you with both male and female voices at the same time. This way you can test which of these sounds better for what specific project needs a male-to-female transformation.

Lingo Jam

Lingo Jam male to female voice changer changes male voices into female ones. It does a pretty good job for male and female recordings but it doesn’t keep the quality of the original recording too well. At least not as high as you would expect from a voice synthesizer app. The best part is that this one can be used in conversations on Skype and Facebook.

Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer lets you sound male. It works for ordinary calls and messaging apps, not just voice chat apps like Discord or Skype. You can even choose a male celebrity’s voice! If that doesn’t work, try Voice Changer & Recorder by Gosubet Studio which has a male to female gender changer feature as well as filters and effects including helium voice, male voice changer, and more.


Voicer is a voice synthesizer and not only male to female voice changer, but it can also change your singing style. The developers used samples from famous singers for this effect and the best thing about them is that they are all royalty-free. You can experiment with different parameters like speed or scales as well as use presets which will make things easier for you.

Change My Voice

Change My Voice can be used to change male voice into female. This app is one of the best male to female voice changer apps for Android and it’s free, so you can download it without any hesitation.

It is very simple to use and voice quality won’t be compromised. The app works in a way that you can record your male voice for five seconds, then the software will process it through an effect engine which will give you female results. As I said before, there are many factors that affect how good this tool actually performs so each time you try it, you should be ready for surprises.


VoiceSpice is a male to female voice changer app for Android that provides various effects and lets you listen before applying them. You can download this application from Google PlayStore by clicking on the link below:

Reasons why VoiceSpicify should be your choice:

  • This male to female voice changer works with both wired or Bluetooth headsets
  • This is compatible with all Android devices
  • You can download this male to female voice changer for free from Google PlayStore

Live Voice Changer – Prank Call

Live Voice Changer – Prank Cal is a male to female voice changer app that has the capacity of changing your voice and making it sound like male or female. It also comes with other features such as:

  • Voice recording
  • Call recorder
  • Prank call manager so you can save, edit and delete recordings for later use
  • The interface is very easy to use
  • Ability to upload voice recordings on the internet

Voice Changer

Voice Changer is a male to female voice changer that allows you to change your voice and listen to it right away. Simply record something, select the gender from male or female and start listening! The app uses vocal remover technology which will remove any sound not produced by human vocal cords.

Voice Changer Plus has been designed as both male-to-female and male-to male voice changer. You can record your voice, adjust the pitch of it to be adjusted by two different settings (high or low) and play around with them until you find something that suits your needs perfectly.

Voice Changer is a male to female voice changing app which works just fine for most people who are looking for male to female voice changer. You can record your own voice and change it as much as you like until you find the perfect male-to-female effect that will fit everything from a prank call to some serious recording!


VoiceMod is a male to female voice changer app that can change your voice from male to female or vice versa. This free android app has an impressive list of features, but it does come with some cons as well. With VoiceMojo you can hear how you will sound in real-time and record yourself if necessary. The user interface is very intuitive and the app is very easy to use. The free male female voice changer can also be used as a soundboard for impersonating famous people with your altered voice.

Voice Changer by SmartApps

Voice Changer by SmartApps is a male to female voice changer for PC that is free and easy to use. It has the option of changing your voice from male to female or vice versa, but it also gives you the chance of creating a custom setting where you can choose both types of voice morphing at once.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is a unique male to female voice changer PC that can change your voice in real time. You have the option of choosing between five different male voices and three different female voices, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find one matching your needs. This tool is great for both kids and adults who want an entertaining experience with their friends. There are no hidden costs or in-app purchases, so you can have fun without worrying about the final bill at the end of the month.

The male voice changer has male voices saying funny phrases that will make everyone around laugh out loud. It is also possible to record your own audio and use it as a background for male voice conversion, so you can have a male voice speaking the things that only you want. This feature will make your male to female voice changer online stand out from all others and be unique for everyone who tries it.

The Clownfish Voice Changer is not available on Google Play Store but there are different Android apps with similar functionality that can help you change your voice to male or female. The apps we covered in this list can all be found on Google Play Store and they are ranked high by many people who bought them before.

MasqVox Voice Changer

MasqVox Voice Changer is a male to female voice changer that allows you to set or record the frequency of your changed voice. The app uses an advanced algorithm based on human speech synthesis and it works in real-time so there is no latency.

The program comes with three male voices, six female ones, four child ones, and seven robot-like male/female hybrids. The male voices are called “Bruce”, “Homer Simpson” and “Samson”.

The female ones are named after characters from the TV series Friends: Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler. You can also find voice samples of Eminem (for male), Marilyn Monroe (female), or Darth Vader (robot male).

After you have used the app for a while, it is also possible to save your custom settings. This way you can easily reproduce them in any future session without having to do everything from scratch again.

Another cool feature of this software voice changer is that its interface comes with an equalizer and several audio effects like Reverb, Delay, etc.

This male to female voice changer is definitely the best option if you want to sound like a guy or girl in real-time and with minimum effort. You can even use it for fun purposes such as prank calling your friend so they think that an ex called them. But there are many other practical applications of this powerful male to female voice changer.

The male and female voices can be ideal for speech synthesis software, but you can also use them with music or videos so the sound of your voice is modified accordingly. You can even connect a microphone and create karaoke songs! The effect will be extremely realistic thanks to the advanced algorithm used by this app.

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