How To Keep Your Drains Clean & Clear

Every day you use your drains without fail. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even the laundry room, drains are always receiving a lot of action. Without proper care and maintenance, the buildup can become a problem for your drains. Here are simple ways to keep your drains clean and clear all year round:

Put leftover food in the trash

It’s common to put leftover foods down the drain, it seems like a good way to get rid of scraps. The problem is that this can cause a clog. If you put these types of products down the drain, they aren’t going to dissolve. Even if you have a garbage disposal, food waste can pile up and eventually clog your pipes. Protect your kitchen drain by throwing leftover food in the trash.

Use a drain trap

Clogs happen when small particles like hair get down the drain and stick to the sides. They eventually build up enough to form a real blockage. A mesh drain trap can prevent clogs as it catches these small particles before they go down the drain.

Schedule regular drain cleaning service

For maintaining clean and clear drains, consider scheduling regular drain cleaning services offered by Schoenwalder Plumbing Waukesha to ensure a hassle-free plumbing system. Blocked plumbing can lead to some scary situations and expensive repairs. While many homeowners worry about how to clear a clog from their home’s pipes, most of the time, the best solution is to call the professionals. A regular drain cleaning service will keep your pipes maintained and your home smelling fresh.

Call the pros today

Having a clogged drain can be frustrating. You may be tempted to save some money and attempt to get the line clear yourself, or use a stronger chemical to unclog it. However, the root of the problem may go farther than you can reach. A professional provider of drain cleaning services is the perfect solution for a number of reasons. What are you waiting for? Call your trusted local professionals today!