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Ready for a Radiant Smile? Discover Real Ivory Oral Reviews!

When you meet people around, your beautiful smile creates a first impression. Don’t let your yellow stain teeth, and lousy breath spoil the moment. To keep your teeth whiter, healthy and to experience fresh breath throughout a day-use Ivory Oral Ultrasonic tooth cleaner.

Ivory Oral Ultrasonic toothbrush is a product that has been released by the company Ivory. It is an ultrasonic toothbrush that has been designed to make your teeth whiter, healthier and fresher throughout the day.

The product is a perfect solution to keep your teeth perfectly healthy and white. It helps in removing stains from your teeth, and also prevents any future risk of tooth decay. This is the best oral care device that you can use at home.

What Is Ivory Oral?

Ivory Oral is an ultrasonic toothbrush which can be used for cleaning the teeth efficiently. You just have to put the soap on your brush and then turn your machine on and it will take care of all the brushing needs. It will remove plaque from deep inside your gums and cleanse all the hard-to-reach areas like between teeth, under gum line etc., where normal brushes are unable to reach.

It is powered by ultrasonic technology which increases its efficiency by 200% according to clinical studies conducted by dentists. The product has been tested in laboratories and results proved that using this device will significantly save time required for brushing as it works faster than ordinary brushes do.

How does Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Toothbrush work?

Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Toothbrush uses ultrasonic technology that gently removes plaque from your teeth and gums. The product features a dual speed motor that produces over 30,000 vibrations per minute for effective cleaning. It has a built-in timer that alerts you when you have brushed for 3 minutes, which is optimal time for effective brushing.

The product comes with a brush head that has soft bristles that gently massage your gums while brushing, helping to maintain healthy gums and teeth. You can also choose from three different sizes of brush heads depending on the size of your mouth.

Specifications of Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

  • Price: $49.99.
  • Four free-interest payments options $12.50 available.
  • Color: Blue and Pink.
  • Vibrates: 12,000 times per minute reduce damage to gum and enamel.
  • Comes with a USB charger, fully charged Ivory Oral runs up to 200 times.
  • Five adjustable vibration frequency helps to remove teeth stain safely.
  • Food grade silicone, stainless steel head, the water-resistance system used to ensure secure and safe usage.

Pros of Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

Ivory Oral is a wonderful oral care product that helps to remove all the plaque and bacteria from your teeth. The product claims to be the most effective one with 5 high frequency ultrasonic vibration. Now you can have healthy, white and stain free teeth in just minutes. As it is very compact and portable, you can carry it along with you anywhere and anytime.

The product comes with a rechargeable battery and charger so that you do not have to worry about spending hefty amount on buying batteries every time. You just need to charge it once and it will last for almost 30 days. The product is very easy to use and is best suited for all age groups. You can feel confident smile after using this product which helps in improving your overall personality and self esteem.

Cons of Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

The seller site is a newly created portal and hence it isn’t easy to trust the new site.

The Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner is sold on the seller site and they claim that the product is available at a discounted price online. This makes us doubt the Ivory Oral Reviews on their site.

Also, the seller site is not active on any social media page as well. We couldn’t find any general information about their product over the internet as well. All this makes it really difficult to trust the seller website and by extension Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner as well.

We would suggest you research more about the seller website before taking a call on buying Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner.

Is Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner Legit?

So you want to buy Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner. Is it legit? Can I trust the reviews about Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner? Is it possible that some of the reviews are not real? Yes, it is. Some of the reviews may be fake or contain incorrect information.

That’s why we have created this review – to give you information you can trust about the product. In this report, we don’t only focus on one aspect of the product, but all the important details: from the price and quality of the materials to where it was made and who will be using it, among other things.

We also provide a customer rating for each product, which is based on our own independent research using data from various online sources and marketplaces. There is a lot more information below in the article if you are interested in reading more about Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner. Thank you for reading and hopefully you will find this page helpful in your search for a new product!

Ivory Oral Reviews

The company has not received any reviews from the customers so far. The product is great and easy to use, but we do not have any customer review for now.


The Ivory Oral Reviews is a scam. The website you are viewing right now is not genuine and was not created by anyone named Irene Becker. In fact, this site has been produced by the unethical sellers to attract unsuspecting buyers and cheat them out of their money while they can. This is an unethical practice which we will not allow on our website. Hence, I recommend my readers to stay aware if they want to continue using the product.

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