Get Good at Online Running with Vingo

Running on a treadmill is a totally different experience than running outdoors. You have your own private space, you can exercise any time you want, and there won’t be anyone disturbing your concentration while you are at it. What if we say you can go further than all this? We give you Online running with the Vingo app. This is a new phenomenon which takes you into the online world while you run on your treadmill. Here’s how you can get into it and get good at it too.

It is a Holistic App For All Your Exercises

Vingo is a dynamic app exclusively designed for indoor exercises. You can use it for running on your treadmill by installing it in your smartphone and pairing the app to your treadmill via Bluetooth. Once connected you can access all its amazing features such as virtual maps, avatars, voice chat, communities etc. You can even connect the app with your training bike and go for online cycling.

Immerse Yourself in its Stunning VR Visuals

The virtual reality inside the app is the most stand-alone feature in the app. This allows you to select from a lot of picturesque locations where you can run into. Select the map of your choice and place the screen before your treadmill. As you start running you will notice the scenery changing with your speed and pace. The app also calculates your resistance settings, and inclination settings on your mill and uses this information to give you a very realistic experience.

Get Peer Support and Excel in Your Form

As you go on your Indoor running trips inside the app you will encounter a lot of new people in the virtual world. They can be from anywhere in the real world, but now, they share your location in the virtual world. You can chat with them using the voice chat feature. You can team up with them and ask for peer support from those members. In case you are an introvert, you can always hit the mute button and go for a private run.

Find Motivation Groups In the Virtual World

A special aspect of the Online running app is the growth of communities inside it. People create, and join communities of their choice and take part in the events conducted within them. This helps them to better focus on their exercises and get fit faster. You can even create your own community and motivate people to push harder. This way, everyone can motivate someone in the tribe 

Post Your Progress to Your Followers in Social Media

As with any other app, Vingo can be connected to all your social media accounts too. You can post your daily fitness progress in your accounts directly from the app and inspire your friends and followers to get fit. Like we mentioned before you can use Vingo as a biking app too. You can ride across multiple maps and explore new routes everyday. So, what are you waiting for?

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