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Roomba 691 Review: A Budget Botvac with Power to Spare

The Roomba 691 Review marks one of iRobot’s more affordable robotic vacuums. But does this budget bot cut too many corners or actually deliver thorough home cleaning? Our hands-on review cuts through the hype to reveal the real cleaning performance you can expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Roomba 691 delivers thorough cleaning even on carpets
  • Larger dust bin means less frequent emptying
  • Easy to schedule, start cleaning via app controls
  • Excellent suction pickup for the price
  • Some limitations but good value overall

A Step Up from Basic Bots

Opening the box, the Roomba 691 makes a solid first impression. While all plastic with no real frills, the construction feels durable with quality parts. Housed inside is a 3-stage cleaning system with everything needed to tackle most common flooring.

We appreciate that unlike even cheaper iRobot models, the Roomba 691 Review includes:

  • Dual multi-surface brushes
  • Large 0.4 liter dust bin
  • Air filters to trap fine particles

It even features an edge-sweeping brush specifically for cleaning corners and wall edges. While missing some fancier tech like self-emptying or room mapping, the 691 feels like a clear step up from basic botvacs.

Putting the Power to the Test

But does the Roomba 691 clean as thoroughly as it seems built? We set it loose on floors ranging from hardwood to medium-pile area rugs to gauge real performance.

In testing, the bot had no problem traversing all our floor types thanks to beefy dual-mode virtual wall barrier navigation. It ably transitioned between surfaces, detecting and adjusting to carpets and thresholds.

We were also impressed by the robust suction power the Roomba 691 employs. It managed to thoroughly lift and eliminate debris ranging from dust bunnies to stray cereal bits to embedded dirt ground into area rug fibers.

The spinning dual multi-surface brushes certainly help agitate and uproot debris. But suction does the heavy lifting to transport it to the waiting dust bin. And the 691 has plenty of pickup power for a bot in this price range.

Roomba 691 Key Stats


After methodically crisscrossing our test space, the Roomba 691 definitely left floors noticeably cleaner. Its cleaning path didn’t feel entirely random but directed to systematically cover territory.

Any lingering debris amounted only to a few stray bits requiring quick hand pickup. For affordable autonomous cleaning covering up to 1,500 square feet on a charge, the Roomba 691 impresses.

Downsides to the Budget Bot

Despite its cleaning prowess, the Roomba 691 isn’t without some limitations. Lacking onboard mapping, it follows an almost semi-random path each run. Wall barriers tries mitigating missed spots but don’t guarantee full coverage.

We also weren’t thrilled by the loud 64dB operating volume – akin to a standard vacuum. So no cleaning while you sleep! It requires emptying the bin after each run too since there’s no self-empty base compatibility.

And while it handles transitions between floor types admirably, stairs and steep drops trip up navigational sensors. So close supervision is still required.

Finally, the 691 lacks app-based mapping with room labeling and division. You simply hit Clean and let it run until the battery depletes. Any customization means physically picking it up mid-job and placing elsewhere.

Roomba 691: Impressive Value for a Budget Bot

Considering its affordable pricing, the Roomba 691 delivers strongly on actual cleaning potency. Superior suction pickup ensures debris pickup while other bots might push dirt around.

Yes, bells, whistles and smart conveniences found on premium models are missing here. You won’t get machine learning optimized cleaning, elaborate app controls or weeks between emptying.

But if your needs are simple and met by reliable, thorough autonomous vacuuming, the Roomba 691 packs plenty of cleaning punch. No gimmicks, just floor freshening made easier. For small homes without complicated layouts, Roomba 691 Review earns an enthusiastic budget bot thumbs up.

Roomba 691 Botvac: Power Delivering Value

The Roomba 691 makes a case for itself as an introductory botvac or supplemental vacuum for small homes. A robust cleaning system proves effective across common bare floor and carpet types. While missing some navigator smarts and conveniences of pricier models, dependable vacuuming auto-pilot convenience still satisfies. Within reasonable expectations for the price, the hard working Roomba 691 bot brings satisfaction.