The Best Cable Internet Providers in the US

What makes cable special? How can we differentiate it from other network types? Why do more than 21 million Americans still prefer cable internet service? The basic rationale behind this insurmountable popularity of cable lies in its endless utility of it. Yes, in other words, when you subscribe to a cable company, you do not necessarily have to dig up your front porch to have the lines installed. The coaxial infrastructure is already present in major residential areas of LA. Besides this, a cable is a midway option between DSL and fiber, so it can deliver higher speeds at lower costs. Moreover, we all know how important it is to balance out budgets without having to compromise on the quality of the internet connection.

In all cases, the cable is perfect for you. Now, if you are wondering about which cable provider you should subscribe to this year, then stick with us and we will take you through the top internet providers Los Angeles has for its residents.

Xfinity from Comcast

Xfinity covers about 39 states in the US, and for this reason, it is ranked as the top residential cable provider among its competitors. One of the best features of this provider is that it offers a variety of internet plans at budget-friendly prices with tons of exciting add-ons. Just look at its xFi Gateway router/modem, which is a state-of-the-art piece of tech that can power a whole home-security system and even boost signals in the deadest zones of your house! Xfinity’s internet speeds range from 15 Mbps to 2000 Mbps, and you can avail some of its plans without having to bind yourself in a contract too. Here are its standard, mid-level, and highest tier options for you:

PlansMax. Download SpeedsData CapsPricing per month
Performance Internet100 MbpsNo$40.00/mo.
Blast!® Internet300 MbpsNo$50.00/mo.
Gigabit Pro2000 MbpsNo$299.95/mo.

In addition to the internet, Xfinity also provides cable TV, digital phone, and mobile services, which are totally up for bundling should you feel like it.

Mediacom Cable

Mediacom is one of the largest cable internet providers that have been actively serving Americans since 1995. Geographically, Mediacom has a footprint across 22 states, with the greatest availability in Georgia, Iowa, and Illinois. A commendable feature of this cable company is that it offers relatively fast speeds to Midwest and Downtown South regions, which usually remain deprived. Mediacom internet prices range from $20 to $70 per month regulated by flexible data caps and free from binding via the provider’s no-contract policy. Here are its standard, mid-level, and highest tier plans for you:

PlansMax. Download SpeedsData CapsPricing per month
Internet 6060 Mbps200 GB/mo.$19.99/mo.
Internet 200100 Mbps1000 GB/mo.$39.99/mo.
1 Gig Internet1000 Mbps6000 GB/mo.$69.99/mo.

Besides the internet, Mediacom also offers Xtream TV service and digital phone, which you can bundle to your liking.

Charter Spectrum™

Ever since Charter Communications merged with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks back in 2016, the brand ‘Spectrum’ has seen a substantial rise in popularity, taking its name to the top three largest cable providers’ list in the US. At present, it serves 102 million people across 44 states, offering the greatest coverage in New York, California, and Texas. Spectrum’s best features are highlighted in its motto when you jump to its site: No Contracts, No Data Caps, and Non-Stop Connectivity. You will rarely find such a refreshing take on internet freedom with other providers. A slight downside to Spectrum’s otherwise amazing deals is the pricing, which can get a tad costly as you go up the speed tiers. Here are its standard, mid-level, and top tier plans:

PlansMax. Download SpeedsData CapsPricing per month
Spectrum Internet200 MbpsNo$49.99/mo.
Spectrum Internet Ultra400 MbpsNo$69.99/mo.
Spectrum Internet Gig1000 MbpsNo$109.99/mo.

Even though these internet-only plans sound good in themselves, still you can dial them up a notch by pairing your Standard/Ultra/Gig internet with Spectrum’s amazing Select/Silver/Gold TV plans, home phone service, and Mobile.

Cox Communications

Even though Cox was once known to be one of the slowest internet providers, it has improved its infrastructure over the years and is now ranked as the third-largest residential cable provider by coverage. This commitment to growth is reflected in its plans, which offer no-frill speeds at reasonable prices. According to the latest report by FCC, Cox’s average internet speed came out at 104%, meaning the company delivers more than what it advertises, which is a great selling point in itself. Cox internet speeds range from 10 Mbps to 940 Mbps. Plus, its packages come with uniform data caps and 1 to 2-year contract terms. Here are the lowest, mid-level, and top tier deals:

PlansMax. Download SpeedsData CapsPricing per month
Cox Internet Starter 1050 Mbps1024 GB/mo.$39.99/mo.
Cox Internet Preferred 150150 Mbps1024 GB/mo.$59.99/mo.
Cox Internet Gigablast1000 Mbps1024 GB/mo.$99.99/mo.

 Wrapping Up

Cable internet is a popular network type, given its widely available nature, and this article covers the top US providers that supply cable-based speeds to the people. If you find an ISP that you like, be sure to give it a go, as these are all the recommended options out there.

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