Three Secret Dream Tools for Marketers

Marketing your business is not always easy, and that’s why many businesses hire a marketing manager with a specific skill set for the task. Whether you are a marketing manager or a small business doing your own marketing, there are many tools that can help you market better. These tools can help you manage your accounts, gather data, reach potential clients and protect your identity. However, most of these tools work best alongside a reliable proxy. While looking for an Instagram proxy or others on Smartproxy is a step in the right direction, you first need to understand why a proxy and other tools are necessary and what they can do for your marketing.

Why are Tools Important for Marketers?

If you’re managing several accounts, it can quickly become overwhelming. If you want an edge over the competition, then there are many tips you can follow and tools you can use. These tools will help you manage several different accounts across social media platforms. It can also help you gather data on the latest user needs, trends, and interests. Some tools also help you set up a database, which can help you reach new potential clients using mail services.

Automated Social Media Accounts

One of the first tools we looked at is Jarvee, which helps you automate your different social media accounts.

Set Up Your Proxy

The first thing to do before using Jarvee is to set up your Instagram proxy. This is so that you can bypass website restrictions and don’t get banned from Instagram for having multiple accounts listed or using Jarvee. Seeing as an Instagram proxy acts like an intermediary between you and the website, it allows you to access restricted content as the proxy sends the access request on your behalf. It’s always best to purchase a proxy, as free proxies are often unreliable and can leak your data to hackers and cybercriminals. Follow the prompts of the proxy you chose to install and get to marketing.


Using Jarvee may seem complicated, but the interface is designed well and offers an intuitive platform that becomes easier to use as time goes on. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Jarvee, follow the below steps to add your social media accounts.

  1. Click on the “Social Profile” tab and select “Add Profile.”
  2. Choose one of the social media accounts you want to add, like Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Add the details of your account to link it to Jarvee.
  4. You’ll need to verify your account before Jarvee can properly link to it.
  5. Repeat these steps until all your social media accounts are added.
  6. In the tab “Destination List,” you can select all the accounts you want Jarvee to make posts to.
  7. In the tab “Campaign,” you can set up when you want Jarvee to post, to which accounts, and what it should post.

Remember to add your proxy to Jarvee before starting to automate your social media marketing. This can be done from within the setting on Jarvee.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is a way to gather and consolidate public information to create an easily readable database of information. You can use it to analyze the competition, the latest trends and interests, and more. Below are some of the best tools to use when web scraping.


Scrapebox has a one-time license purchase you need to make to use the tool, but it offers various SEO tools. You can add multiple add-ons for more tools, scrape, systemize and analyze website data, and even customize your platform.


Parsehub, unlike Scrapebox, is a freemium application you can download and install for your web scraping purposes. Once downloaded, you can access the website you want to scrape, select the information you’re interested in and sit back as you wait for results.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is another option that offers a paid version or a free one with a limit of 500 URLs you can scrape. This application also audits sites for SEO issues like broken links, audit redirects, etc. It’s a great tool to use not only to scrape other websites for data but also to ensure your website is functioning correctly.

Mail Merge

One of the most common marketing methods is to send marketing emails with information, specials, and more. However, it’s impossible to send each email individually, so tools and applications are available that can do the job for you. Mail Merge is an application that automatically sends information to your subscribers, which is perfect for any marketing campaign.

Batch Emails

Mail merge technology allows you to send marketing emails to a large group of recipients. You can easily reach all of your subscribers and gather more clients using specials, discounts, etc. A mail merge database will have the emails and information of your clients listed to send automated emails per the guidelines you set up.

Email Personalization

You can create different types of emails to send, which is especially useful if you have different levels of users or subscribers. Create templates, and the mail merge application will automatically fill in the information and send it to your client database.

Become a Better Marketer

Online marketing is crucial, as most people spend hours online each day. It’s one of the easiest ways to reach new clients and connect with existing ones. Keeping on top of your marketing efforts is vital to staying relevant in the market. While managing multiple social media accounts can become challenging, these secret marketing tools offer a way for you to manage your different accounts. Using social media proxies, like an Instagram proxy, in conjunction with these tools further ensures you won’t encounter website restrictions or be blocked from Instagram. The secret to a successful marketing strategy is streamlining the process. These tools help you do just that.

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