Top Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most common tooth replacement option for people who have lost their teeth. They can replace one or more missing teeth or alternative solutions for people with multiple missing teeth. It offers many benefits that you may not know about. Here is a list of reasons dental implants should be your first choice if you’re looking into tooth replacement options.

1) It looks and feels like natural teeth

Dental Implants are made from titanium, which is compatible with your body. The material used in dental implants can also be shaped to resemble the appearance of a tooth root. Implant posts provide an anchor for artificial replacement crowns that give your smile back – exactly how it was before losing any teeth.

The implants are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth, so they look natural, and you won’t have to worry about anyone noticing that you’ve lost a tooth or two. Unlike dentures, these implants feel like natural teeth do – no discomfort nor awkwardness! You can even drink hot liquids without being afraid that your implants will get damaged.

2) Implants are extremely durable

Dental implants offer long-term performance for your teeth replacement needs. They can last 30 years or more if well cared for and properly attended to by a dental professional. The titanium post that anchors the dental implants is surgically placed into the jawbone under local anesthesia in an outpatient surgery – this is called osseointegration. The titanium post will fuse with the jawbone to provide a sturdy foundation for your new teeth replacement option, allowing you to chew and bite just like before.

Implants are extremely durable when resisting wear & tear from chewing or biting hard objects such as ice cubes or pretzels. You can consume your favorite food without the fear of breaking or ruining your implants.

As the implants are also very strong and robust, they don’t break easily if you accidentally drop something on them. You won’t have to worry about replacing broken teeth; replacement options every time you participate in an activity that involves high levels of stress being placed on your teeth.

3) Implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss

Implants will provide you with the perfect smile for years or even decades. Unlike other replacement options, they can last your entire lifetime if properly cared for by visiting the dentist regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home. Dentures have shorter lifespans due to being more prone to wear & tear, and patients often require frequent adjustments.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for tooth loss because it doesn’t have any moving parts or clasps that can break over time. This makes them extremely durable compared to other teeth replacement options such as removable dentures or fixed bridges.

Implants are also a good choice for people with multiple missing teeth since there is no limit to the number of implants you can use in one sitting. Fixed bridges and partial dentures typically require more than one tooth replacement solution, which can be expensive & time-consuming.

4) Implants are the perfect solution for severely damaged teeth

Dental implants can be an extremely effective option to restore your smile even with severe tooth damage. They allow the dentist to maintain as much of your original teeth structure as possible, so no healthy or functional parts need to be removed.

Implants can help preserve your natural teeth structure which might be damaged but otherwise perfectly fine. This allows the dentist to restore a tooth that is close or directly next to where an implant post has been placed, and they attach for you to once again chew and bite like before. They are also very beneficial if you have a severe overbite or underbite since they can help correct the alignment of your teeth.

In conclusion, dental implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss, and they offer numerous benefits over other teeth replacement options. Dental implant posts can be surgically placed into the jawbone under local anesthesia for outpatient surgery, and this provides patients with increased satisfaction and quality of life.