What are business cards, and Why are they Important?

According to CreditDonkey, 27 million business cards are printed daily. There should be a strong reason that in the world of the latest technology and advanced marketing techniques, people still consider business cards as the first introduction to their business.

What are business cards?

A business card is a small printed paper the size of a credit card. This card carries your business information such as brand name, your name, contact information, business address, email, etc.

Apart from physical business cards, digital business cards are also popular now-a-days. These are fully customizable business cards that are easily shareable through your smartphone.

A well-designed business card is more than just a piece of contact information. It represents your brand and makes your business look professional.

Businesses often ignore thoughtful design implementation in their business cards and simply display their name, phone number, and email. They don’t know that this little piece of paper can provide a lot of value to their customers.

Why are business cards important?

A business card is a marketing technique to introduce and promote your business.

A few businesses create attractive business cards and use them for marketing purposes. Most businesses get a business card for the sake of having it because that’s a tradition. Although some businesses decide not to have a business card for their business, with the argument that – Why should they do what everyone else is doing?

Well, in business, it is true that you should do things that are unique and avoid what everyone else is doing to separate yourself from the crowd. Don’t apply this rule when it comes to business cards.

A business card is not new in marketing; people have been using it for a long, long time. And the reason it is popular is that it works!

Let’s see how a good business card can take your business to the next level and why you must have it.

  • It tells a story about you.

A business card tells a lot about you. A smart design business card not only shares your contact information with your customers but also tells what you do and how you prefer to get in touch with your customers.

Your business card includes all the essentials for branding, such as brand name, logo, tagline, brand colors, and social media channels.

A business card shows your commitment to your business. It shows professionalism in you. A beautiful business card tells people that you are creative, imaginative, thoughtful, and want to provide something more than just selling your products to people.

  • It’s a unique marketing technique.

Business cards are the only marketing material that customers keep with them for a very long time.

Advertisements are temporary; Social media posts are visible only when a person opens a social media app; email gets buried under the heap of new incoming emails. Even in offline marketing, people read flyers one or two times and throw them away; look at banners for a few seconds and forget about it. A business card is the only thing that remains with them.

If it’s a physical card, people keep them in the desk drawer or in their wallets. If it is a digital business card, it remains in their smartphone forever.

One more benefit of having a business card is that it is easily shareable. If your customer likes you, they share your business card with other people.

  • It is the least expensive.

Business cards are inexpensive in comparison to other marketing materials. And doesn’t take much time to create. Unlike other marketing channels, such as online ads, where you study a lot of analytics to create an ad campaign, business cards require a one-time design, and you can reproduce it again and again.

Business cards spread the word about your business in the market. Once people have your business card, your business name is more likely to appear in front of them more than once without retargeting.

  • It makes you different.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” – this quote doesn’t work in business. Your business card is the first impression of your business.

Customers do judge a business by the appearance and styling of its business card.

The way business people dress and shake hands makes a lot of impact on their business. The same is true with business cards.


The business card is important in the marketing and branding of your business. For some small businesses, such as plumbing, lawn mowing, painting, etc., a business card is the only way to promote their business. Hiring a professional designer can take a little bit of time and money, but it is worth having a good business card for your business.

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