World Record for Stop and Go Timer

If you are the type of person who likes to see new world records being set, then this article is for you. Stop and Go Timer is a game that tests your reflexes by asking you to stop the timer when it reaches zero. This may sound easy but it can get really hard if you have never played before! As of today, there are two people in Canada and also the United States that hold World Records for Stop and Go Timer. Keep reading to find out how they did it and what their strategy was!

A timer is a gadget that allows you to determine the time limit for a certain operation. A stopwatch will tell you up to milliseconds when one has to accomplish a specific task in a given period. In sports, a timer is used to determine the winner and runner of the event as the time difference between them dwindles towards zero.

This manual will discuss the present record for this sport and how to participate in it.

For establishing a world record, the time duration between stopping and restarting the stopwatch, Stop and proceed software, or another timer gadget is determined. Ryan Donifas achieved it in 0.08 seconds in 2011, keeping the record for a long time.

Cole did it in October 2020. Cole achieved a .05 second gap, and HighNick needed just .01 seconds to establish a world record. There’s also talk of someone completing the task in .00 seconds.

Because it may be done from the comfort of one’s own home and a smartphone is the only equipment needed, people interested in attempting to set a world record are encouraged to try their hand.

There is a specific site, such as, where you may submit their clip for consideration, but you must first have broken the previous record.

The stopwatch should count up, the timer should have two decimal places after the end, and one must exhibit evidence that the stopwatch is operating correctly.

People are very interested in this topic since most of these individuals have attempted to break the world record. There are numerous youtube videos on an electronic platform, and the vast majority of them claim to have broken the previous record.

Netizens also discuss the timing of The world record in the comment area, as well as how they may take part in this event. Guinness World Records has stated that this feat hasn’t been tracked before, and it will be difficult for them to do in the future.

Because there isn’t any financial benefit for World Record for Stop and Go Timer, you will be a record-holder in that regard.

Final Words

For anybody, excelling in any one thing is a great honor; the world record for the quickest timer is no exception. The popularity of setting a world record in order to establish awareness about your task and the ease with which you can accomplish it has boosted.

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