7 Essential Things Your Bathroom Must Have

Whether you are moving into a new home or you have a serious bathroom remodel in mind, there are certain things you cannot miss when you are styling your bathroom. These items may be useful, luxurious, or both. Some of the items may not exactly be necessary – you could live without them – but think about it; the bathroom is often neglected and designed as a last resort. With a little thought, you can make the bathroom a place you enjoy spending time. Here’s what you need to buy and organize to ensure your bathroom is perfect for you and your guests.


Think of the difference lighting makes to any room in the house. In the bathroom, good lighting is particularly important as you need to be able to see yourself clearly in the mirror when putting on make-up or styling your hair. With good lighting, you can change the room from a cozy relaxing space to a vibrant, energetic space with the flick of the switch – perfect for when you want to relax in the tub and when you want to get moving in the morning.


Every bathroom needs at least one great mirror. If you have the option, go for a range of mirrors for different tasks, including one for close-ups. Lighted mirrors are also a good investment.


The difference a great shower makes to your bathroom is huge. Not only do you benefit from a shower that gets you clean more effectively and comfortably, but a great shower also makes a powerful design statement in your room. For example, frameless shower enclosures are modern, stylish units that are formed of a single sheet of glass that extends from the wall. You can have these as part of a wet-room concept, or use the frameless unit to increase the amount of light that is available in the room and showcase your wall tiles.

Fluffy Towels

Your choice of towels makes a big difference to your comfort and the look of the room so choose the best quality you can afford and go for a design or color that suits your taste. If you want to create a spa-like feel to the bathroom, choose large, white fluffy towels and have them piled up on display.

Long-Lasting Bath Mat

A scruffy, holey bath mat is not a particularly welcoming sign for guests. Choose a bath mat that looks good but will also be able to withstand a lot of use.

Environment Friendly Cleaning Products

Stock your shelves with cleaning products that work well without harming the environment. The range of natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products grows every year and there is plenty to choose from that smells great and clean to a sparkle.

Cunning Storage Solutions

Whether your bathroom is spacious or tiny, you still need great storage solutions as the bathroom has the potential to get cluttered and untidy. Choose ingenious cupboards and smart, covered shelves to hide your bottles and bathroom essentials from view.