Best Nature For Shinx Pokemon: Power Up Your Electric Companion

The adorable electric-type Pokémon Shinx may seem small, but this little lion cub packs a powerful punch. Choosing the right nature for your Shinx is key to helping it reach its full potential. In this guide, we’ll cover Shinx’s strengths and weaknesses as well as breakdown the best natures to consider.

Key Takeaways

  • Jolly nature increases Shinx’s speed, making it a faster attacker
  • Adamant nature boosts Shinx’s attack power for battle
  • Impish nature improves defense if using Shinx defensively
  • Thunder Wave + Thunder Fang take advantage of paralysis
  • Trick Room, Fire Fang, Crunch, Ice Fang help counter opponents

Overview of Shinx

Shinx is an electric-type Pokémon first introduced in Generation IV. Some key features:

  • Abilities: Intimidate, Rivalry
  • Higher attack power and speed
  • Weak defenses make it less bulky
  • Outspeeds opponents in Trick Room
  • Evolves into Luxio then Luxray
TypeAttack PowerDefenseSpeed

While overlooked by some trainers, a Shinx with the right nature can pack quite a punch!

Best Natures for Shinx

The nature you pick for your Shinx will determine which stats get a boost. Here are top options:


  • Increases speed – makes Shinx an even faster attacker
  • Useful for outspeeding foes to land hits
  • Pairs well with Thunder Wave to inflict paralysis


  • Boosts attack – powers up Shinx’s moves
  • Hits harder with STAB attacks like Spark
  • Makes up for Shinx’s average attack some


  • Bolsters defense – improves Shinx’s weaker stat
  • Allows it to better take super effective hits
  • Good if using Shinx more defensively

Movesets That Compliment Shinx’s Nature

You’ll want to select moves that take advantage of your chosen nature for Shinx. Some top options include:

  • Thunder Wave + Thunder Fang – paralyze opponents then hit with electric STAB attack
  • Fire Fang – for dealing with grass, bug, ice opponents
  • Crunch – counters psychic, ghost types
  • Ice Fang – destroys dragons and ground adversaries

A properly natured Shinx can shine brightly! Train yours diligently and it will electrify any battle.