Best Nature For Shinx Pokemon: Detailed Information

Have you ever wondered about the best nature for Shinx Pokemon? If you have, then this is post is perfect for you. In this post, we will discuss how to get a Shinx and which of its natures are best for it. There are many different types of electric type Pokemon out there, but Shinx can be one of the most underestimated. Many people around the world want to know more about what makes it so great. So in this post, we will discuss some of its strengths and weaknesses as well as the Best Nature For Shinx Pokemon.

About Shinx 

Shinx is a Pokemon of the Electric-Flash variety. Shinx was originally introduced in the Pokemon Universe during the Generation V episode of the Pokemon franchise. Shinx has two major abilities: intimidation and rivalry. The muscles that give Shinx’s fur a glowy appearance emit electricity when they are reduced.

In the Pokemon world, both male and female Shinx exist. Male Shinx has a higher posture than female Shinx. In addition, while male Shinx’s hind paws are entirely black, female Shinx’s all four paws are blue.

Let’s look at Shinx’s background before delving into the Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon.

About Strengths & Weaknesses of Shinx 

Shinx is an undervalued Pokemon. However, in Trick Room, Shinx outran many Pokemon with its basic speed of 45. Shinx also has two great abilities: Intimidate and Rivalry, which boost the power of Shinx’s attacks.

The second form of the Ground-type, Shinx, has several significant drawbacks. The first is its susceptibility to the Ground, as well as its poor defenses, which makes it difficult for Shinx to switch in safely. Shinx’s move set is also limited. Shinx is a decent Pokemon to use, but he has a hard time fitting on a team in Little Cup.

About Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon

There are many different natures you could choose for your Shinx Pokemon, but some work better than others. The best nature for Shinx is Jolly, which increases its speed stat and makes it a faster attacker. Adamant is also a good nature because it increases Shinx’s attack stat, making it more powerful in battle. However, if you’re looking to use Shinx as a defensive Pokemon rather than an attacker, then you may want to consider a nature like Impish, which increases its defence stat.

  • Trick Room 

The best chance of sweeping with Shinx is under Trick Room. Due to his hindering nature, which has 0 Speed EVs, Shinx has the lowest Speed rating of any Pokemon at 8. This allows it to outperform the vast majority of other Pokemon in Trick Room.

Outside Spark, Fire Fang is Shinx’s powerful physical STAB. Fire Fang is very effective against Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel Types; by contrast, Crunch is very ineffective against Psychic and Ghost types. Iron Tail targets more specifically than Iron Tail: it only damages Rock & Ice Pokémon.

  • Thunder Wave 

Thunder Wave is the best Nature for Shinx Pokemon. Thanks to its ability to use Thunder Wave and its Intimidate stat, Shinx may run a good Thunder Wave set. Shinx can paralyze an opponent with Thunder Wave after taking a vicious blow. Thunder Fang is a good match for Thunder Wave because it has a high chance of putting the opponent on edge. 

Ground types take a lot of damage from Ice Fang. Ghost and Psychic-types are severely damaged by Crunch, whereas Steel-types suffer substantial damage from Fire Fang. 


Shinx are best suited for the nature that allows them to be calm and collected. This nature will help Shinx stay alert in battle and focused on the task at hand. With this nature, Shinx can become a powerful asset to any trainer’s team.