Bogus Braxtor Review – Scam or Legit? Find out here

Bogus Braxtor is a producer of custom-made IDs, which are very popular among people who want to disguise their real age or pretend to be someone else for a short period of time. The company has gained its reputation because it offers high-quality products at affordable prices. BogusBraxtor ID should not raise suspicion if shown to any third party, whether that’s vendors, bouncers, or other service providers. In this article we will try to answer the question “Is Bogus Braxtor legit?

About BogusBraxtor

For logical reasons, this firm does not offer much information about itself. It does not provide the address or phone number of its headquarters. However, individuals who are interested in fake IDs understand this reputable business very well. Bogus Braxtor has become a household name for its area of expertise, and it sets the standard high for the industry. You may earn a good commission if you want to become a reseller. If you wish to purchase fake IDs rather than sell them, read this review till the end.

BogusBraxtor Fake IDs

The information on fake IDs produced by this firm is scannable, swappable, and may be examined in black light. They include the same data as government-issued documents: a photo, signature, and so on.

You will be able to read thorough instructions on the site on how to prepare the pictures before filling out the request form.

  • No selfies are allowed
  • Your face should be serious and easy to identify.
  • Make eye contact with the camera.
  • There shouldn’t be any hair, smudges, or shadows on your face.
  • You won’t be able to use an old passport photo on your forged identification.

Ideally, the photograph should be taken in high resolution and against a white backdrop. The individual depicted in the photo should be able to quickly identify himself or herself.

After a request is submitted and confirmed, the managers begin working on it the same day. Creating an ID takes around 7 days. After that, delivery will take 10-15 days more.

A Range of Fake Cards

Many of the young people who order IDs are confident that they are 21 years or older. This allows them to socialize with their friends after dark, purchase alcoholic beverages at the bar, and have a good time. It is especially important for youngsters who are a year or two younger than the rest of their classmates or group and cannot take part in specific activities. They will no longer feel socially excluded as a result of using a fake ID.

Yet in some cases, people request IDs that help them to pretend younger than they are. This can also be done easily.

BogusBraxtor also creates fraudulent documents such as driver’s licenses.

This company’s target audience is Americans. If you live in Western Australia, British Columbia, or any other part of Canada, you can get a counterfeit ID as well. Unfortunately, right now the service isn’t accessible to people from other Australian or Canadian cities.

Quality & Security

Fake IDs produced by Bogus Braxtor are immediately accepted because of the following characteristics:

  • Raised text
  • UV ink
  • Micro-perforations
  • National barcodes hologram identification

The card’s owners successfully manage any sort of verification. Teslin is the material used to make the cards. It allows for the development of unique IDs that appear to be like government-issued documents.

How to Order?

To place an order, you must first register on the website. Click on the square icon that comprises nine small black squares in the right top corner of the main page near the Your Cart symbol. There will be two choices in the drop-down menu: Sign In and Register. If you’re a novice, go for it. The procedure is very quick, requiring just a couple of seconds. There will be no need to wait for an email confirmation or an SMS code. Once you’ve logged in to your account, go over to the Order Now portion.

Placing Orders On the Website

The procedure for placing an order is made up of a number of stages. You will be required to provide your photo and signature, as well as complete a variety of paperwork, including your last and first names, date of birth, height, weight, and other criteria.

The information requested should be accurate and correct, so please double-check it before submitting the form. You are free to leave certain fields blank while filling out the form; in this instance, bogus Bogus Braxtor representatives will generate random data on their own.

If you make mistakes due to your negligence, the firm will not provide you with a new fake identification for free. You’ll need to pay full price for a new document. To prevent any errors, the system goes to great lengths. If you write an excessively low body weight on the form, it will notify you about it.

Terms and Guarantees

The greatest proof of a company’s professionalism is its pleased consumers. There are two significant parts in the top horizontal menu on the site: Video/Pic Reviews and Testimonials. In the first, you may view pictures and videos of custom-made IDs that their owners have used successfully. In the second, you may read text reviews written by individuals who have purchased counterfeit documents on this website. Furthermore, there is a forum where users can leave feedback – go ahead and read the following section of the article to learn more about it.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, there is no live chat feature on the site where you may type in your inquiry and receive a response right away. Even after you’ve registered and begun filling out the order form, it won’t show up.

The site’s interface, on the other hand, is quite simple. After you’ve registered, ordering an ID will be a piece of cake thanks to the straightforward procedure. The site also has enough information and is thorough and comprehensive. Before placing your order, take a quick look through it to ensure there are no problems.

If you have to contact the administration, follow these steps:

  • Proceed to the About Us section of the site
  • Scroll it down
  • Find an email address and send a message to it

You may also ask a question on the forum. It’s located in the upper right corner of the page, next to the Your Cart symbol.

This discussion board is an excellent source of information. Clients rate the IDs they purchased using the following criteria: Photoshop, shipping, uncertainty factor, UV, communication, stealth, template, scanning, cost. The current average “general conclusion” score is 9.

How Much Do Fake IDs Cost?

The cost per card is determined by the number you purchase. If you want more than one, you may anticipate saving as follows:

  • 2-5 IDs — 30%
  • 6-10 IDs — 40%
  • 10+ IDs — 50%

These offers are valid for all states.

The Price Range

The average cost of obtaining an ID is $100. This is a fair fee since:

  • The document is of excellent quality. It explains every cent you invested in it.
  • The ID is a very long-lasting and durable document. It will last you for many years to come.

However, you may be required to pay anything from $60 to $120 depending on the state. You will be able to discover the complete price range on the applicable website page.

Not to mention, you’ll have to spend around $30 on delivery. The shipping choices will be discussed in greater depth in one of the following sections of the review. If you have a discount coupon, place it in the window next to the choice of shipping options on this page.

Is Bogus Braxtor Legit?

In the Frequently Asked Questions area of the site, the administration makes it clear that their services are not authorized. The authority to provide IDs to residents is maintained by the state authorities. You are taking a chance by ordering an alternative document and accepting all responsibilities for your decisions.

The documents’ quality is not diminished by the fact that they are “illegal.” If you’re looking for a fake ID, BogusBraxtor will almost certainly be the best site to visit. They guarantee customers complete confidentiality and constantly follow the highest quality requirements.