How To Get Rid of Carpenter Bees With WD-40

Wood-boring carpenter bees tunneling holes into your home’s exterior clearly pose problems. When exploring pest control solutions, you may wonder – can WD-40 kill carpenter bees?

While not its originally intended use, WD-40’s spray formula proves highly effective for getting rid of carpenter bee infestations through direct contact killing and residual repelling properties.

Key Takeaways

  • Spray bee nest entries directly at night when bees are inside
  • Apply every few days for 2 weeks to kill newly emerged bees
  • Use foam filler to block nest holes permanently after treatment
  • Complement with residual sprays and exclusion tactics for robust protection

Together, leveraging WD-40 plus comprehensive bee proofing steps keeps carpenter bees away for good!

Why Carpenter Bees Are Destructive Pests?

Carpenter bees – named for their wood boring activity – resemble bumblebees but boast shiny abdomens. Ranging 1⁄2 to 1-inch long depending on species, males don’t sting but can seem intimidating while aggressively defending territories.

Females however inflict painful stings if provoked! But the real damage arises from carpenter bees:

  • Tunneling half-inch holes into wood siding, eaves, decks
  • Weakening structures extensively once colonies expand in subsequent years
  • Pollinating plants less effectively unlike more docile bees

Preventing holes now avoids expensive repairs later. So controlling populations is key!

Using WD-40 Against Bees

WD-40 first entered homes 60 years ago as a rust-prevention spray. Today WD-40 is still trusted for lubricating sticky mechanisms and dispersing moisture electrically.

Around yards, many pest pros and beekeepers also swear by WD-40’s insecticidal effects on bees thanks to these active ingredients:

  • Light mineral oils – Suffocate soft bee bodies on contact
  • Solvents + propellants – Disrupt insect nervous system functions

Applied directly into nesting holes at night when carpenter bees are inside, WD-40 is highly effective killing them.

Procedure to Kill Carpenter Bees With WD-40

Follow these steps using WD-40 for bee removal:

  1. Wait for full darkness when bees are in tunnels
  2. Spray WD-40 thoroughly inside all visible nest holes
  3. Reapply spray every 2-3 days for 2 weeks to kill newly emerged generations
  4. Plug holes tightly with caulk or foam filler so they can’t return

By methodically spraying at dark when bees are dormant inside then blocking tunnels, the WD-40 traps and suffocates populations wiping out whole infestations over time.

Extra Protection Recommendations

While WD-40 handles direct elimination, we also suggest:

  • Install porch/deck box traps as secondary capture zones
  • Apply residual sprays containing permithrinmonthly around windows and overhangs
  • Seal cracks with copper mesh excluding easy home entry points

With this 3-pronged approach, WD-40 plus exclusion and active deterrence, carpenter bees struggle gaining footholds near structures. Your victory against buzzing pests awaits!