Heart on fire emoji

The heart on fire emoji is a combination of a red heart burning in a fire. This emoji is used for the extreme desire for someone, extreme love, lust, etc. These emojis are used if you can’t express your deep feelings for someone. If you post something on Facebook like love poetry then you can add this emoji on the captions it attracts more people and your posts become more valuable.

History of heart on fire emoji

This heart on fire emoji is created in March 2020 and it was accepted in the same year and added to the emoji keyboard. It is supported in all types of devices. You can easily find out this emoji on the keyboard of a laptop, computer, and ios device like an iPhone iPad.

Mending heart, burning, heart, scared heart, deep love, burning desire, extreme love, etc these are all words that are used in the place of heart on fire emoji. Different kinds of heart on fire emojis come in the new keyboards like face exhaling, face with spiral eyes, broken heart, etc.

Meaning of heart on fire emoji

In different situations, the heart on fire emoji is used. So every time heart on fire emoji has not the same meaning as you think. So let’s talk about different meanings of this emoji so that you can easily understand the usage and meaning of the heart on fire emoji.

  • Red heart burning in hot flames represents your extreme love feelings for someone. If you are shy and don’t express your love in front of anyone then you can use this emoji. This is the best to show your internal feelings.
  • The heart on fire emoji is also used for the appreciation of others. If you like someone’s speech, lifestyle, makeup, dressing, hairstyle, etc then you can use this emoji to appreciate them.
  • If you want to motivate your friend on any beloved one then you can use this emoji.
  • If you show someone that his behavior is hurting you then you can use this emoji. Heart in reddish-orange flames is a symbol of heartbreaking.
  • You can show your intensity of love and loyalty by sending this emoji to someone. If a boy sends you heart on fire emoji then he wants to tell “only you can set your heart on fire”
  • If a girl sends a heart on fire emoji to the boy then it is a good sign for the boy because girls are not too much impressive. And if a girl uses this emoji then it is very lucky because you are too special for her.
  • You can use the heart on fire emoji to show your hard work or passion for some profession.
  • Heart on fire emoji is also be used for showing someone about your pain. If you are in extreme pain then you can use this heart on fire emoji to express your internal sad feelings.

This emoji is not every time for some specific feelings. Because we think if anyone sends us this emoji then it must have some sad, happy, and love meanings. 

But sometimes it is wrong because some people send this emoji only just for fun purposes. And sometimes people use this emoji for every time use.

How you can use a heart on fire emoji on social media sites?

If you want to increase likes, comments, and shares of your posts then you can use the heart on fire emoji in your content. By adding these amazing emojis in the content then it looks more unique than others. As you know people attract to creative content. Different designs and styles come in this heart on fire emoji. You can easily put out this heart-on-fire emoji in which style you want. You can add this emoji in the bio and caption of posts on Facebook and Instagram.


Expressing your internal feelings is not always easy. Because we are not the same some of them are too shy to tell your love feelings in front of anyone the love. That’s why we told you the best way to show off your feelings in the form of emojis. The heart on fire emoji is easily available on different devices so you don’t care about the availability of this emoji.it is easily available on any type of device. 

You can also use the heart on fire emoji on the bio of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It increases the beauty of your profile.

This article mainly consists of a heart on fire emoji. I hope this article proves to be very helpful for you in proper understanding about heart on fire history, its meanings, usage, and how you can use this heart on fire emoji on different social media platforms. Continue sharing this information with your friends and beloved ones so that they also get benefits from it. Best of luck.