How to find and use Black Lotus in WoW

Many of the herbs in World of Warcraft are difficult to find and can be used in various recipes for stat-boosting enchants, or for creating powerful potions. The Black Lotus is one of the most powerful herbs available. It’s not known what the Black Lotus actually does when you consume it, but there’s a lot of speculation. Some players believe that the Black Lotus is only for show, while others think it could actually be used somehow in game play.

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Facts about Black Lotus

  1. It costs around 10-15k gold on the AH, so it’s definitely worth farming if you’re into the crafting system.
  2. It’s used to create level 630 items and above. Some of the recipes require only one Black Lotus, but there are others that require more than one.
  3. The Black Lotus comes from Stranglethorn Vale and is awarded as a random drop from killing mobs there. I haven’t killed enough mobs to know if it drops more often from certain monsters, but you can also find it on the Auction House for around 3k gold.
  4. The Black lotus is also required to create epic gems for level 630 items and above.
  5. You can’t use the Black Lotus on level 600 recipes, so don’t even try that.

Where to find Black Lotus?

Black Lotus is a special herb that is sought after by herbalists and alchemists. It can be used to make potent potions and elixirs, but it can also be sold on the Auction House for hundreds of gold. Black Lotus is not as common in the game as other herbs, and is therefore quite difficult to obtain. In fact, Black Lotus can only be found in four areas of Azeroth: Winterspring, Silithus, the Burning Steppes, and the Eastern Plaguelands.

Black Lotus is a dark, crimson, and black flower with a green stem. It appears on the ground, and herbalists need to be at least level 300 in Herbalism to pick it up.

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Blizzard recently increased the spawn rate of Black Lotus for the Season of Mastery, but the herb is still relatively difficult to find. Blizzard wants players to feel like they’re actually progressing in the game and not just running around for hours with no reward. It can now drop from high-level nodes, but it’s going to be found very seldomly in those areas. Black Lotus has a respawn time of one hour, so don’t expect to find it easily.

How to use Black Lotus?

Black Lotus is a rare ingredient that is used to create four popular end-game flasks: the Flask of Chromatic Resistance, the Flask of Supreme Power, the Flask of the Titans, and the Flask of Distilled Wisdom. These items are necessities for players looking to complete high-level content.

To craft each flask, you need 300 Alchemy skill. The recipes can be found in high-level instances such as Stratholme, Scholomance, and Blackrock Spire.