WoW Kul Tiran Human Druid Forms

This guide will look at the Wow Kul Tiran human druid forms and their specs in detail.

The Kul Tiran humans are a fairly new addition to the World of Warcraft universe. Introduced in Battle for Azeroth, they are a faction made up of mostly humans. Most of these Kul Tiran humans belong to the Alliance, but not all of them do. However, most Kul Tiran humans are members of the Alliance and have been fighting against the Horde for a long time now. The Kul Tirans have a good relationship with both the Night Elves as well as the Tauren races.

The Kul Tiran humans were created by Jaina Proudmoore’s father, Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. He realized that he was getting old and decided to create a new nation full of humans who would be loyal only to him. He then exiled his daughter, who was still young at that time, from his presence and he established his own country with its capital in Boralus on Zandalar Island. This is where most of the Kul Tiran humans now live.

There are 8 forms in total, 4 for each color. Each form has its own set of characteristics, with some forms being more useful for healing than others. The forms with a star ( * ) beside them are the ones that will be the most useful.

Kul Tiran Humans Druid Forms

After unlocking Kul Tiras, you have access to the following Druid forms.

Bear Form

You have 4 different Kul Tiran druid bear color options. These bear forms were created with inspiration from the Drust magic and the Drust themselves. This is a shared model with the regular druids.

Kul Tiran human druid bear form has green glowing eyes and a mouth lined with sharp teeth. The head is adorned with horns that look like they’re strapped on.

The bear form is the one that all Kul Tiran druids have access to. They are strong and powerful animals that can be used for both offense and defense. The bear form is mainly used for tanking in dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds. It is also the best form to use when you need to tank multiple enemies at the same time. It is especially useful for controlling enemies in battlegrounds as it has a knockback skill.

Cat Form

Kul Tiran druids also have a cat form, which is different from the bear. The cat has more green fumes coming out of its mouth and two straps holding up the horns. The head is more skull-like with bigger horns.

Your cat’s feet are similar to extended branches. They have holes in them. If you want your cat to dance, it can do pretty cool dances.

The cat form is mainly used for stealth. The cat has a skill that allows it to go invisible for a limited time. This makes it useful for scouting and for performing surprise attacks on enemies. It is also the best form to use when you want to sneak past enemy lines.

Travel Form

The druid has 4 different color options. You would prefer a darker one for this druid. It has large horns that extend a great distance and have a number of branches. The straps wrap around the horns. Two spikes from the horns are projecting forward, giving it a fierce look.

As the name suggests, you can ride it. It’s nose and eyes glow with a green light. Kul Tiran human druid travel form has the same intense green fumes in its mouth. You can see that it is taller than cat or bear form but it is somewhat thin.

Flight Form

The next Kul Tiran druid form is the flight form. It looks like a crow with wings of branches and feathers like leafy fronds. Its eyes are smaller than other druid forms and emit a dim glow.

It’s a new idea for the Warcraft universe, with four distinct color options available. I’m wondering if it could be better if we had an option to increase its size. It would look insane big flying creature. But that’s fine.

Aqua Form

The Aqua Form gives you the ability to swim underwater. It has four appearance options. Its quite bulky and has large, white tusks on the front. It has two horn branches with leather wrapping around. Hands are converted into fins.

The sea lion is a water creature. It has the same glowing eyes as the night elf druid and other druids, but it doesn’t have a glowing mouth. People will use this form only when they visit the water.

Moonkin Form

The Kul Tiran Moonkin form is somewhat similar in size to the regular Kul Tiran human version. Like other druids, it has two pairs of horns: one at its head and the other at its back. Its hands look like they have gloves with thick hair on them, and there are small tusks that have physics attached to them.

It also has four color options. You can see that it offers a necklace with a couple of nose rings, which gives it a classy wicked look.

Moonkin Incarnation Form

Moonkin Form, or Bear Form as it was originally called, is the second Druid form you get. It is a great tanking form as it gives you an extra health bar and some minor cooldowns to absorb hits. It also has decent DPS for a tanking form.

This form works best when you are tanking relatively large amounts of mobs at once and are expecting to take a lot of hits. This will be your main tanking form for dungeons or raids.

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Your rotation for Moonkin should be using your Sunfire, Wrath and Starsurge on cooldown and then using Savage Defense if you took that talent from the Restoration tree to reduce physical damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds.

Moonkin Form is most effective when used in combination with another tank or when used as a “backup” tank to pick up where other tanks fail. If your party’s main tank is not doing his job, you can step in and act as a “bandaid” until he can get back into the game. This is usually achieved by keeping Moonkin Form up at all times except during heavy movement or periods of high burst damage (such as the phase changes in Helya).

Tree Form

The Kul Tiran human druid tree form has a leafy beard and resembles other treants. The hair looks like a grove of trees, bristling with spines, leaves and glowing green eyes.


I hope this guide helps you. The Human Druid Dps forms and the details about their rotation have been updated for Battle for Azeroth. A new PvP talent has been added, making Hero of the Alliance required or it will replace Nature’s Balance’s effect. Do check out the comments below to find out more details, charts, and any other information I may have left out.

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