How To Get To HinterLands And Horde Flight Path

How To Get To HinterLands And Horde Flight Path?

In this classic wow guide, I will show you how to get to Hinterlands both as Horde and Alliance. I will also tell you how to get to Hinterlands on a flying mount and how to get there if you are an alliance player.

How to Get to the Hinterlands?

The Hinterlands are a place in the game, but they can also be the least desirable parts of the game world. The Hinterlands is what you may find yourself stuck doing after you’ve reached the max level of your character.

Tasks in the Hinterlands can be accomplished by many different classes and levels. There is no need to rush off and do your Hinterlands tasks immediately like you would with even quests at a capital city location.

From Orgrimmar

You can reach the Hinterlands through Hillsbrad Foothills. To get to Hillsbrad Foothills, you must travel from Orgrimmar to Tristfalls Glades and then south through Silverpine. Once you reach Silverpine Forest, continue to head southeast. The Hinterlands entrance will be north-east of Durnholde Keep. Head north from there and you’ll eventually reach Aerie Peak.

From Western Plaguelands

If you like, you can also use the Western Plaguelands route to reach the hinterlands. The western part of these desolate lands is the area near Scholomance. You’ll need to cross through Southshore to reach it and it’ll be a bit longer but you don’t have to go through Aerie Peak.

From Eastern Plaguelands

From the Eastern Plaguelands, go west and follow the path between the mountains to Plaguemist Ravine. Keep going west and you’ll pass Shindigger’s Camp. You are now at The Hinterlands.

How to Get to Hinterland Horde Flight Path?

After reaching the Hinterland, you can easily get to Horde Flight Path. You will start from north-east of Jintha’Alor and the take turn to The Overlook Cliffs.

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Till you won’t reach the bottom of cliffs, move forward in north-east direction, you will meet some broken down rocks and fallen trees. Move to these broken rocks, there is a small camp of Revantusk Village in south-east. Keep moving in this direction and you will get to the horde flight path in Hinterlands.


We hope that the above guide has helped you find your way to Hinterlands and the Horde Flight Path. Thank you for reading, if you have any further questions, comments or feedback be sure to leave a message below.

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