How to get to Silithus in WoW Classic?

Do you want to know How to Get to Silithus in WoW Classic as a Horde or Alliance player? You’ve come to the correct place for accurate instructions on how to reach there.

Getting to Silithus in WoW Classic can be difficult. Thankfully, we have the best guide for getting there as Alliance or Horde. If you need a quick way to get there and don’t want to spend hours leveling up your character, then this is the article that you should read!

Now, go to the south exit gates near the Valley of Strength. Continue along the trail until you reach Razor Hill.

Travel west to reach the bridge connecting Durotar and The Barrens. Follow southwest after that until you reach Thousand Needles at the apex of The Great Lift.

From here, go south along the road to The Shimmering Flats on the way to Tanaris. Continue north to Un Goro Crater’s north-west entrance. You must travel towards Silithus’ northern entrance after entering Un Goro Crater in the northwest.

With this method, it is easy to get to Silithus as a Horde or Alliance player. The process of reaching Silithus as a Horde and Alliance player is considerably easier and faster than with the previous methods. Now that we’ve gone through all of the various ways you can reach Silithus as a Horde or Alliance player, we’ll.


If you’re playing as a Horde race, you may easily fly to Silithus from Orgirammar since it is the capital of the Horde race.

Do you realize that it will take time, and there is even an easy approach to do so? Take off from the gates of Orgrimmar and fly to the Valley of Visdom’s Western Earthshrine.

In the area, there is a portal that will transport you to Ramkahen in Tanaris. To reach Marshal’s Stand in Un’Goro Crater, find a flight route through Uldum Ramkahen.

Until you get to the Southwind Village in Silithus, keep flying northwest. To begin the A Dying World questline, land Mangi’s Encampment in The Wound area of Silithus.

Getting To Silithus From Stormwind As An Alliance

Now, here is how to access Silithus as an Alliance race in WoW BFA. To reach the Eastern Earthshrine, which is located at the rear of The Dwarven District, you must fly there.

It will transport you to the island of Uldum: Rankahen. You may then fly northeast and follow the same route as that taken by the Horde.

The Flight Path from Ironforge

If you’re looking to get to Silithus in World of Warcraft Classic, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you how to get to Silithus and the best ways to get around it. First off, you’ll need to find the entrance to Silithus. This can be done by heading north out of Durotar and then east until you reach the base of the Zandalar Mountains. Once there, head south until you reach a large river.

The Boat from Menethil Harbor

The Boat from Menethil Harbor is a ferry service that connects the two cities of Menethil Harbor and Ironforge. The ferry travels back and forth across the Wetlands, making the trip in about an hour. The service is run by Captain Krom Stoutarm, and his trusty ship, the Lady Alleria.


To get to Silithus in WoW Classic, players will need to take a portal from Orgrimmar or Stormwind to the Blasted Lands, and then travel south through the Dark Portal. From there, they’ll need to speak with Warden Athrikus Narassin to get teleported to Silithus.