How To Make Sand In Little Alchemy?

If you’re looking for ways to add a little bit of magic to your life, sand might be the perfect thing for you. It’s a simple material that’s easy to find, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some ways to make sand in little Alchemy: 

Making sand in Little Alchemy is easy and you can do it with only 2 elements. As you know, Little Alchemy is a simple but entertaining game that challenges players to create different items. Like other items, we can combine 2 elements to make sand. Well, if you still have no idea how to make sand, don’t worry because we will share some cheats on how to make sand in Little Alchemy.

How To Make Sand In Little Alchemy?

In this game, we need to know all the possible ways by which we can make sand. And then we will be able to complete the game easily. Here are some of the cheats on how to make sand in Little Alchemy:

Air + Pebble

This is a simple idea, but the result can be surprising. The air flowing over pebbles can cause them to produce sand. It’s a very basic demonstration of friction.

Air + Rock

The same can be true of air and rock. You can also get sand.

Air + Stone

By mixing the elements of air and stone, you can create a substance known as sand.

Pebble + Small

Grinding pebbles down into smaller pieces leads to the creation of sand.

Pebble + Wind

When pebbles are thrown in the wind, the tiny rocks can create sand.

Rock + Wind

Sand is created when rocks are broken down by wind and weather.

Stone + Wind

Sand is created by the combination of stone and wind.

What Can We Make From Sand In Little Alchemy?

Now that you know how to make sand, we will see what you can create when you combine it with other items.

  • bird helps to make ostrich
  • cactus helps to make desert
  • castle helps to make sand castle
  • egg helps to make turtle
  • electricity helps to make glass
  • energy helps to make sandstorm
  • fire helps to make glass
  • glass helps to make hourglass + time
  • hurricane helps to make sandstorm
  • mud helps to make clay
  • ocean helps to make beach
  • paper helps to make sandpaper
  • plant helps to make cactus
  • sand helps to make desert
  • sea helps to make beach
  • stone helps to make sandstone
  • storm helps to make sandstorm
  • sugar helps to make Fun Dip
  • swamp helps to make quicksand
  • water helps to make beach
  • wild animal helps to make scorpion
  • wind helps to make dune

Walkthrough for sand in Little Alchemy

  • earth + fire = lava
  • air + lava = stone
  • air + stone = sand


In Little Alchemy, making sand is an easy goal. Sand is needed in several objects, including the Sand Stone and a number of buildings such as the Castle, Shipwreck and Volcano. However, there is no sand recipe that involves two ingredients in Little Alchemy.

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