How To Make Tool in Little Alchemy?

In this post, I’ll give you 9 tips on how to make tool in Little Alchemy 2, step by step with explanations of each combination. I’ll also explore what we can make with tool in the game.

A tool is an object you use to help you perform operations or perform tasks. You can use different tools for different tasks. For example, a screwdriver is used to tighten screws and a screwdriver is used to turn screws. Tools are generally made from metal or plastic but they could be made from wood or stone, too.

How To Make Tool in Little Alchemy?

There are nine hints for you to make tools in Little Alchemy 2. Let’s discuss them one by one. Mostly, you need to find a resemblance of the combination with the tool.

Metal and Wood

Metal and wood have been used for making tools for decades. The axe is one of the most common tools that employs this combination. The handle of an axe is made from wood, while the wooden end that does all the chopping is made from metal.

Human and Steel

Humans can use steel to make all kinds of tools. The human body relies on many tools to do its job.

Human and Stone

People used to sharpen their tools by grinding the edges of stones. This was done using an iron plate. In a process made possible by the metal’s thinness, the edges of the stone were sharpened into a knife.

Steel and Wood

Some tools have wooden handles and some have steel bodies.

Human and Wood

People shape wood into useful things like arrow shafts, baseball bats, and the shaft of a spear.

Human and Rock

The stone and human serve as similar hints. Both can be used to sharpen tools.

Rock and Wood

Rock and wood are used to make tools that help people survive in the wild.

Human and Metal

Humans have been using metals to make tools for thousands of years. These tools can be used to make other tools out of metals.

Stone and Wood

Stone and wood were used in the past to make tools.

What We Can Make From Tool in Little Alchemy?

As we have explored all hints on how to make tools in Little Alchemy 2. It’s time to discuss what we can make from stones in Little Alchemy. So, combining tool and …

  1. boiler helps to steam engine
  2. brick helps to house
  3. clay helps to pottery
  4. coconut helps to coconut milk
  5. cotton helps to thread
  6. cow helps to meat
  7. doctor helps to stethoscope
  8. earth helps to field
  9. fish helps to fishing rod
  10. glasses helps to safety glasses
  11. grass helps to lawn mower
  12. hay helps to pitchfork
  13. human helps to engineer
  14. light helps to flashlight
  15. metal helps to armor
  16. mountain goat helps to cashmere
  17. nerd helps to computer
  18. pig helps to meat
  19. rain helps to umbrella
  20. sheep helps to wool
  21. steel helps to armor
  22. stone helps to statue
  23. Sun helps to solar cell
  24. thread helps to fabric
  25. time helps to clock
  26. tree helps to wood
  27. wood helps to wheel
  28. wool helps to sweater

Walkthrough For Tool in Little Alchemy

  1. air and fire = energy
  2. earth and fire = lava
  3. earth and water = mud
  4. air and water = rain
  5. air and lava = stone
  6. earth and rain = plant
  7. fire and stone = metal
  8. mud and plant = swamp
  9. energy and swamp = life
  10. earth and life = human
  11. human and metal = tool


You can make lots of wonderful things in Little Alchemy and the steps to make them are quite easy, if you follow the above mentioned instructions from the article you will be able to understand how it works.

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