Slot machine pro Spike teaches responsible gambling

Becoming an influencer is the dream of many. In fact, many people wish a career as a star on the web and on the main social channels. Obviously, there are different niches in which you can become popular: music, video games, eSports and even gambling. The latter in particular is a rapidly growing market. It is estimated to be worth around $14 billion globally reached in 2021 and it is important to note that since 2019, this market has literally doubled in size.

And while it is true that potentially, many can become influencers, only a few manage to stand out from the crowd and make a difference.

The case of Spike: number one in Italy for online casino contents

Talking about casino games, things are complicated because it is undeniable that gaming can, in some cases, become a problem. And if you want to become a gambling influencer, you have to be able to talk to your audience also about the less positive aspects of gambling, namely addiction.

This is what Spike, Italy’s most popular online casino content creator, is constantly working on.

In fact, Spike has actually turned his great passion for betting into a full-fledged job for many years also in Canada and USA. Having started playing on the first comma6 slots, he gradually moved to online gaming, managing his business with competence and professionalism and surrounding himself with a skilled staff. Spike’s activity consists of testing online games and showing his exploits to the viewing public via his social channels.

The Italian slot machine pro also maintains a popular blog called “Spikeslot”. For completeness, information and dissemination activities; competence and professionalism, it is considered the best blog in Italy about slot machines and casino games.

Furthermore, Spike is very popular among millennials and there are many iGaming fans who have become passionate about his character.

Since 2010 – the year when the first video was uploaded on the YouTube channel – Spike has quickly become the number one in Italy for betting and gambling.

2.3 million views per month, almost 80,000 subscribers and a lot of participation on his YouTube channel and other social networks give Spike a lot of satisfaction and push him to do better and better.

Spike’s commitment to Responsible Gaming

On his YouTube channel “Spike” and Twitch channel “SPIKEslot”, the Italian slot machine professional posts videos daily talking to his audience about all dimensions of casino games, including the risks of pathological gaming.

As anticipated, Spike is not only involved in making videos, but also maintains an information and news site on the casino industry. On his platform, he offers guides, tips and advice on how to get the most out of your gaming experience both online and in land-based casinos. Likewise, Spike stands out from the rest of the Italian gamblers because he never shies away from hot topics such as gambling addiction.

For this reason, we can consider him an example on the Italian scene, because he transparently informs his solid base of followers made up of many young people and for this reason, demanding and challenging.

But the light-hearted way – without ever being silly – in which Spike and his partner Moreno speak in their videos leads younger viewers not to close themselves off and to take the famous Italian YouTuber as their model.

His activity involves a constant and meticulous effort to keep sharing content that is interesting, fresh and exciting.

Online casino gaming has grown almost a hundredfold since 2013 and those who have the pleasure and honor of having the attention of a young audience have a big responsibility, also in “educational” terms.

Spike likes to work with his staff also because he knows that people like him, involve a new generation of customers in online and land-based casinos. And it is essential to try to create a gaming environment that is healthy, positive and balanced.

Casino gaming and minors in Italy

In fact, online casinos are very attractive in the eyes of younger people and often the ban on gambling due to age is not enough. Since it is necessary to work on prevention at several levels, not only the role of parents is essential, but also that of the influencers that these young people follow. In fact, despite the bans, an Italian made research by “Istituto Superiore della Sanità” in 2018, age between 14 and 17 years old, reveals that 29% of respondents have practiced gambling, at least once in the last 12 months. And among these, 3.5% are considered at risk and another 3% are considered problematic.

In this perspective, characters like Spike are crucial. Since young people have constant access to the web, it’s normal that they come across online casinos and its fun virtual games, and without someone to talk them through, it can be risky for both young and inexperienced gamblers, as betting can also bring negative consequences.

Spike and his tips for getting the most out of online gaming and slot machines

In his gaming sessions, Spike knows how to entertain in a light but intelligent way, never hiding the games in which he loses money, while still trying to give valuable advice to his followers, which we can summarize in this statement.

“My words might sound obvious, but my advice is to avoid playing as much as possible, but just watch videos like the ones I offer on my channel. There are many free online games and many people have confided in us that, with our help, they have managed to avoid playing for real money by watching our games and still feel a lot of excitement. Gambling is a great pastime, but if there is no awareness and control, it can become dangerous because you can lose a lot of money”. In short, gambling is good if it is fun, shared with others and above all, when you don’t overstep your limits. As in many things in life, a good balance is essential for peaceful experiences.

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