How to Upgrade Lost Ark Tier 3 Gear from 1302 to 1415?

During this phase, you’ll focus on learning more about Lost Ark Grinding, Sculpting, Stats, Abyssal Dungeons, Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Islands and their rewards, and the main quest to Rohendel. For example, Gear honing is to upgrade your items with specific materials and have a success rate to improve your Gear stats. Like the honing upgrades you unlock for Tier 1 and Tier 2, you can also unlock similar research when you reach 1385, which is when your main should stop until more content is released and you need to push it further. Gear goes from +1 to +15, with a very high chance of failing around the +15 upgrade, but you don’t need to worry about that first. Promotions are almost guaranteed as you hone your Gear. Failure will cost you the mat, so you have to try again. Most end-game events will give you the mats you need to upgrade your Gear, so go with what you want. Keep in mind that rewards for most events have daily and weekly caps. The game is a good guide on what to choose.

Item Level 1302 – 1325

When you complete Punika and can run Chaos Dungeons on Tier 3, you will be able to get the initial 1302 Gear set. Our next target will be 1325, which requires that in the initial stage of your tier 3 rig, you mainly want to get the complete set of tripod enhancements and want to carry it over to the next set with your tier 2 accessories and ability stones Replaced with property gain equivalent to Tier 3. None of these need to be perfected right now, as you’ll get higher-tier accessories at 1325, and if you get the combination you need from them, it’ll be more powerful overall.

Item Level 1325 – 1370

Now that we’re at item level 1325, we’ll have access to the higher level Chaos Dungeon, which drops our purple armor and accessories. We will use them until we reach 1370.

Our Gear goal at this stage is to get an excellent skill stone and accessories, which allows us to get up to 3 engravings on 15 points. It takes time to get it right, but getting into the 1370 stuff will be helpful if you can get it done.

Although the normal difficulty of the Well of Oreha is also available at 1325, the set built from this is not an upgrade. It will be easier to stick to our Chaos Dungeon set until 1370 unlocks our first Abyssal Raid and Hardmode for this Abyssal Dungeon. Once you reach 1340, you can visit both parts of this Abyssal Dungeon. It would help if you still run it because you have a better chance of getting accessory upgrades, engraved books, and Lost Ark Gold.

Purple Gear dropped here also has a good chance of having a +2 skill tripod rating and carrying two at a time. Watch for upgrades and use the tripod skill transfer system to get all your power from these. If you track the tripod, you’re upgrading, and you can also make sure that anything with a tracking tripod isn’t removed in the process.

Item Level 1370 – 1415

This is the final stop on the current level 3 Gear progression. Depending on the situation, we’ll get multiple Legendary Gear sets that can be used. We also have access to legendary accessories and skill stones, which will allow us to get three fully flat engravings quickly, and four easily.

If you wish, you can choose the set as a stepping stone Gear set as it has excellent set bonuses until you can craft your Argos set. This comes from Oreha’s Abyssal Dungeon difficulty.

The set you’ll mostly be after is the 5 set bonus from Argos Abyss Raid. Here are two settings you can craft with bonuses that affect crit chance and crit damage.

The Sunsuit, called Predetermined Diligence, will increase your critical strike chance after gaining stacking buffs. This is useful for DPS classes that require extra essential strike options. The lunar suit, called Harsh Oath, increases your critical strike damage after gaining stacking buffs. This is used for support and DPS with a high crit chance.

Supporting classes to use grim oaths is that they can use predetermined diligence to activate the player’s set interactions. This allows players in either group to benefit from the bonuses of both groups.

These are the last sets of Gear we can upgrade until the next set is available from the Valtan Legion Raid.

At this point, you’ll be looking to grab the best accessories and skill stones for upcoming content. Progress at this stage will be slow and long, and your T3 honing upgrade target of 1385 is the point where it slows down again. While doing this, you can focus on raising your gems to higher character levels. You can also devote more time to long-term roster development, like collectibles for additional skill points.

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