Ice Spice Real Name and Her Background in Music

Ice Spice, the Bronx-born rapper taking over hip-hop, was not always known by her stage name. Before becoming a superstar, Ice Spice grew up as Isis Gaston in New York City. Her unique real name tells part of the story of her diverse background that has influenced her music.

Origin of Ice Spice Real Name

Ice Spice real name is Isis Naija Gaston. She was born on January 1, 2000 in the Bronx, New York to an African-American father and Dominican mother.

The name Isis has ancient Egyptian roots as a goddess of magic. Her middle name Naija connects to her mother’s Dominican heritage, as it means “Nigeria” in the Igbo language.

According to Ice Spice, her mother chose the name Isis because she knew her daughter would grow up to be a strong, powerful woman. The name Isis Gaston truly reflects Ice Spice’s blend of cultures and the divine feminine energy she channels through her music.

Early Life in the Bronx

Though born in the Bronx, Ice Spice split her childhood between her birth borough and Yonkers. She is the eldest of 5 children born to parents who divorced when she was just 2 years old.

Ice Spice spent much of her youth under the care of her grandparents in the Bronx neighborhood of Fordham Road. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the booming hip-hop scene, the city became Ice Spice’s first teacher.

She immersed herself in the music of hometown heroes like Lil’ Kim, Remy Ma, Cardi B and The Lox. Their confident flows and frank lyrics provided early inspiration for Ice Spice.

Passion for Music

Ice Spice’s love for music budded early, with her first hip-hop influences sparking by age 7. Upon discovering Nicki Minaj, she became enamored with the unlimited possibilities of identity through rap.

Her father, an underground rapper himself, also exposed young Isis to giants like Jay-Z, Nas, and Wu-Tang Clan. Though hip-hop spoke to her soul, she explored diverse genres, finding inspiration in artists like Coldplay, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

By high school, Isis Gaston had carved out “Ice Spice” as her rap alter-ego. The stage name encapsulates her fiery wordplay and icy persona.

How She Balanced School, Sports and Work

Ice Spice began her high school education at Sacred Heart in Yonkers. There, she made the pivotal choice to pursue music more seriously.

However, Ice Spice still had a “regular” teen experience. She played volleyball and worked jobs at Wendy’s and The Gap to help provide for her family.

After graduating high school, Ice Spice enrolled at SUNY Purchase, balancing her role as the eldest sister with college studies. She managed impressive grades while continuing to nurture her passion, recording songs and posting covers online.

Though bright, Ice Spice ultimately left school to pursue her purpose. With her family’s full support, she bet on herself, determined to make it as a rapper.

Ice Spice Path to Hip-Hop Stardom

Ice Spice spent years honing her craft and cultivating her image. She immersed herself in the Bronx drill scene, developing the cheeky wordplay and nonchalant flow that became her trademark style.

Her early songs generated buzz online, eventually leading to mentorship from producer RiotUSA. Under his guidance, she released her first single “Bully Freestyle” in March 2021.

The track gained traction after a viral tweet showcasing Ice Spice’s rendition of the “Buss It” challenge. This online momentum snowballed into her breakthrough smash “Munch (Feelin’ U)” in August 2022.

Almost overnight, Ice Spice ascended from a virtual unknown to hip-hop’s hottest new talent. Cosigns from Drake and Cardi B skyrocketed her career.

Since then, the Bronx femcee continues to shatter ceilings. Hits like “Bikini Bottom,” collabs with Lil Tjay and Nicki Minaj, and international touring have cemented Ice Spice as a global phenomenon.

Not just a rapper, Ice Spice has emerged as a multi-dimensional artist and inspiration to young women everywhere. All while staying true to her roots as Isis Naija Gaston.

How Ice Spice Real Name Connects Her Past, Present and Future

Behind Ice Spice’s larger-than-life persona is the grounded wisdom of Isis Naija Gaston. Her birth name tells the story of her diverse background as a first generation American.

Just as the goddess Isis symbolizes the divine feminine essence, Ice Spice channels feminine power through raw, unapologetic lyrics.

By embracing her real name, Ice Spice honors her roots in the Bronx and Yonkers. These formative places nurtured her creativity and gave birth to her confident artistry.

Isis Naija Gaston represents Ice Spice’s origin point on her destined path to success. As she continues rising to the top, the real name behind the star reminds us that Ice Spice is human just like the rest of us.


From her Egyptian goddess namesake to her Nigerian middle name, Ice Spice’s real identity of Isis Naija Gaston tells a rich story. Her cultural blend of African-American and Dominican lineage fuels the one-of-a-kind artistry she now shares with the world.

Ice Spice has skyrocketed from Bronx obscurity to global celebrity. But behind the larger-than-life persona is a real human being who never forgot where she came from. Her real name honors her past and keeps her rooted as she manifests a bold, barrier-breaking future in hip-hop.

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