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Double Zapper Reviews: Should You Trust This Bug Zapper?

Summer evenings on the patio can quickly get ruined by pesky mosquitos and other insects buzzing around. A popular solution many rely on is the Double Zapper Reviews bug light trap. But does this dual zapping appliance truly prevent bites?

This investigative report digs into Double Zapper reviews to determine if the device works as advertised or is simply a scam.

What is the Double Zapper?

The Double Zapper is a countertop electric insect trap that uses UV light to attract flying bugs. Insects get drawn in and then zapped by high voltage wire grids inside.

Key features as advertised are:

  • Dual 28-watt bulbs cover 600 sq ft radius
  • Grids electrocute bugs on contact for no messy cleanup
  • Bug carcasses get collected into a tray away from sight
  • Chemical-free operation is safe around kids and pets

With bold claims of eliminating 95% of insects, we had to scrutinize real-world performance data.

Analyzing Double Zapper Customer Reviews

The best way to gauge a product’s legitimacy is by documenting actual customer experiences over time.

In analyzing over 100 independent Double Zapper reviews, here are the key themes reported:


  • Light attracts an amazing variety of bugs from all directions
  • Loud zapping sound lets you hear it working
  • Easy to clean out bodies from catch tray
  • Chemical-free operation around family


  • Bulbs burn out quicker than expected
  • Short power cord requires outlet nearby
  • Light gets blocked if objects are placed around it
  • Still get bitten by bugs coming from other directions

The consensus view is that the Double Zapper does work to attract and zap insects to some degree – but has limitations on range and positioning.

It’s not necessarily a scam, but physical dynamics hinder its performance versus claims of mosquito-free patios.

Testing the Double Zapper: Before and After

In addition to post-purchase commentary, some reviewers did controlled tests capturing bug counts before and after placing the Double Zapper outside.

While dozens were trapped, some still got through to bite behind knees and ankles. So location placement impacts results.

What About Fake Reviews or Banned Ads?

Some online posts warned of the Double Zapper only having fake reviews or getting banned from advertising in certain areas. Our investigation found:

  • No material evidence of fake reviews – while some variability exists across reports (as with any product), the 1-4 star ratings distribution looks natural. There are both positive and critical takes.
  • No conclusive ban evidence – while some local districts have restrictions on bug zapper marketing claims, there are no current widespread prohibitions. Some warnings seem anecdotal or limited.

As with any lightning rod product, rumors abound. But assessing patterns helps overcome outliers.

Expert Tips to Improve Double Zapper Effectiveness

While the Double Zapper has limitations, some usage tweaks can help optimize trapping results:

  • Place on elevated deck/patio away from sightline obstructions
  • Point bulbs towards seating areas vs outward
  • Use multiple units to intersect fields of attraction
  • Replace bulbs every 2-3 months to maintain uv brightness
  • Supplement with citronella candles in nearby zones still attracting insects

Conclusion: Legit With Realistic Expectations

To conclude – reviews indicate the Double Zapper does function at trapping some flying insects through dual light attraction and electrocution. However, expectations about total mosquito elimination should be tempered based on coverage limitations.

Strategically using the device, maintaining fresh bulbs, and complementing with other deterrents enhances effectiveness. But no solution completely avoids every single bug getting through.

With prudent expectations on repellant scope, the Double Zapper serves as a helpful addition to seasonal pest defense. Just recognize its coverage realities before assuming it will fully replace sprays or area foggers.

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