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Mac Stack Mascara Reviews: Game-Changing Buildable Volume

M·A·C mascara Cosmetics has done it again with their innovation – presenting the new Mac Stack Mascara that promises to build infinite layers of volume and length. With two customizable brush sizes and a buildable formula, this micro mascara is bound to be a game changer in achieving next-level lashes. Continue reading to discover an honest review of how the macstack mascara review performed.

Why Try the New Mac Stack Mascara?

As a beauty editor who has tried countless waterproof mascaras over the years, what makes the new Mac Stack Mascara Reviews stand out? Here are a few reasons it’s worth a try:

  • Two Interchangeable Brush Sizes – It comes with both a Mega Brush for ultra volume and a Micro Brush for reaching tiny lashes and detail work. This allows for a customizable lash look.
  • Buildable, Clump-Resistant Formula – The mascara m·a·cstack formula is designed to layer without clumping or flaking, allowing one to build dramatic volume and length.
  • Waterproof and Smudge-Resistant – It features a waterproof formula that promises to withstand moisture, tears, and humidity without smudging or running.
  • Infinitely Stackable – Mac Stack Mascara Review is designed to keep building layers upon layers without compromising the finish. Lashes should stay separated and lifted.

With the promising new technology behind this mac mascara, it seemed only right to take it for a test run and report back with an honest review.

Putting the Mac Stack to the Test: The Application

Upon first use, the Mega Brush stood out immediately with its dense bristles and large size aiming to coat every single lash. The Micro Brush contrasted with a smaller, tapered design optimal for precision application.

Before applying any product, lashes were curled to prep them for lifting and staining. The Mega Brush loaded up smoothly with the best mascara formula – a perfect amount clung to the bristles. It combed through lashes, depositing an instant boost of volume while keeping them fanned out and separated.

The new mascara formula felt surprisingly lightweight and non-clumpy passing through lashes. After the first coat dried, a second went on just as smoothly without compromising definition. Lashes looked noticeably longer and fuller, yet the formula maintained a soft, flexible feel.

Switching to the Micro Brush allowed for precise application at the lash line and on lower lashes. The small brush head distributed formula evenly from base to tip without overload. As promised, layers continued building weightlessly without clumping or flaking off.

The Results: Dramatically Voluminous and Defined Lashes

After 5 coats with both brush sizes, lashes reached a dramatically voluminous and separated state with zero clumps. The waterproof formula held the stacked layers firmly in place – lashes maintained a soft flexibility while appearing visibly longer and thicker.

The multidimensional mega mascara brush finish accentuated individual lashes so they stood out while contributing to an overall full lash line. When catching the light, lashes gleamed with intense black pigment. Even lower lashes appeared more prominent than ever before.

Throughout a long day and night of wear, the m·a·cstack mascara remained fixed in place resisting smudges, flakes, and transfers. At makeup removal, it came off easily with a few swipes of micellar water revealing no leftover residue.

Key Takeaways: A Must-Try for Next-Level Lashes

After testing the versatility of the m·a·cstack waterproof mascara, here is an overview of the biggest pros along with minor limitations:


  • Lashes build to epic volume without clumping
  • Customization with 2 interchangeable brush sizes
  • Waterproof formula stays put all day
  • Makes lower lashes more visible
  • Easy removal with micellar water
  • Soft and flexible layered finish


  • Mega Brush large size takes practice
  • Needs lash curler for maximum lift
  • Won’t replace false lashes for drama

For those seeking a mascara that takes your lashes to new heights, the Mac Stack Mascara undoubtedly delivers on its promises. The innovative formula and brush options allow for customizable, voluminous lashes without the hassles of clumps or flakes. While it may not rival falsies, it still achieves next-level dimension and length.

Overall, this mascara earns a shining recommendation – run to the nearest M·A·C counter or visit to get your hands on this lash game-changer. The Mac Stack Mascara Reviews retails for $25 and is worth every penny to amplify your natural lashes. Once you witness the buildable volumes it can achieve, you’ll be hooked too.

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