Pokemon Grand Underground: The Secrets of the Legendary Pokemon

We have discussed the Pokemon Grand Underground, a guide to creating a base, and finding treasures and rare Pokemon.

Are you a Pokemon fanatic? Do you know Pokemon has revamped their Underground to Grand Underground? Would you like to know more about it? If yes, tune in to this post.

The underground component in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl was revamped and renamed the Grand Underground, and players Worldwide want to know more. So, we will discuss the guide to Pokémon Grand Underground!

About Grand Underground 

The Grand Underground is a subterranean location in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that lies beneath the entire Sinnoh region. The Grand Underground can be accessed by using the Exploration Kit, which may be found in Eterna City.

What is Pokémon Grand Underground?

Pokémon Grand Underground is a new RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS that was announced at E3 2019. It is a spin-off of the popular Pokémon series and will be released in late 2019.

What are the main features of Pokémon Grand Underground?

The game will feature turn-based battles, with players able to choose from a variety of characters to battle with. The game will also have exploration and monster collecting elements, as well as online multiplayer functionality.

How can you gain access to the Grand Underground?

The Explorer Kit may be obtained in Eterna City. Before departing the city, players must acquire it and learn how to utilize it. The man who distributes the Exploration Kit resides in close proximity to the Pokémon Center. 

Let’s learn more about creating secret places before we discover how to find treasure in the Pokemon Grand Underground.

How do you construct a hidden base?

Players can create a foundation in any wall within the Grand Underground once they obtain a Digger Drill. A Digger Drill with which to build a foundation is necessary for them to revert back to their old gentleman in Eterna City once they’ve found any treasure for the first time, and he will give players a Digger Drill with which to construct a foundation.

To make a place for a base, go to A on a wall. Players may paint their foundation with sculptures they have found after it has been erected.

How do you search the Pokemon Grand Underground for treasure and statues?

They’ll notice several sparkling locations on the player’s map. As players get closer, press R to put their radar into operation, which will pinpoint the treasure’s location on a nearby wall.

Players will be able to dig out the treasure in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, much like in the core games, using the strong hammer or even the delicate pickaxe.

Players should be cautious. If they dig too deep, the walls will collapse. Tap the treasure with the hammer to extract it, and then use the delicate pickaxe to gently excavate it.

Let’s go over where to find Pokemon in Grand Underground now that we’ve discovered how to discover treasure in the Pokemon Grand Underground.

Where do you look for Pokemon in the Grand Underground?

There are several unique Pokémon that are impossible to come by in the original games in the Grand Underground. The Grand Underground is where Pokémon fans should go if they’re seeking Magnemite, Ralts, Togepi, or any other Pokémon from the Platinum Pokédex. These Pokémon may be found in Hideaways, which are unique biomes within the game.


There is still much information that needs to be known about Pokemon Grand Underground, but with the release of its beta version, more people are getting a chance to explore the game and provide feedback. With so much new information still to be uncovered, there is no telling what new surprises await players once the full game releases later this year.