Shadow X Drone Review

Shadow X Drone Review {Is Shadow X Drone Legit or Scam?}

A drone is a flying robot that can be controlled through a remote control. They are commonly used for aerial photography with the help of cameras attached to them. In most cases, drones are used for military purposes like surveillance or attacking enemies.

There are also toy drones in the market that are used for recreational purposes and do not have any camera attachment. Some drones may be operated by a single person while others may need more than one person to maneuver it.

The shadow x drone comes with some amazing features like the altitude hold function which helps to maintain the height of the drone automatically without any extra commands from your side. This feature makes it easy for first-time users to get accustomed to flying this drone. The headless mode also enables you to control the direction of the drone irrespective of where its head is pointed.

What is Shadow X Drone?

The Shadow X Drone is a compact and powerful drone, which is designed to give you a bird’s eye view of the entire city. It is equipped with a high-resolution camera, which enables you to capture every moment in your life with the help of this drone. You can record your favorite moments from a bird’s eye view.

The Shadow X Drone comes with lights, which makes it even more suitable for night flights. The Shadow X Drone has got a wide range of functions: 3D flip, headless mode, one key return home function and more. Control your Shadow X Drone through an intuitive mobile app on your smartphone or tablet (IOS or Android).

It is a palm-sized drone that is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It has a camera with HD quality and is easy to connect to your mobile device using an app.

Features of Shadow X Drone

  • Built-in camera captures high-definition aerial images and video
  • High/low speed switch lets you learn and fly at your own pace
  • Stable, hover-ready design makes it easy to fly
  • Controller conveniently uses both 4 AA batteries (included) and USB charging (cord included)
  • Batteries: lithium polymer (one included)
  • Assembly required; no tools needed
  • Lightweight design for flight stability
  • Built-in 6-axis gyroscope for flight stability

How does Shadow X Drone work?

The control of the drone is extremely easy and intuitive, and it took us less than 10 seconds to get the hang of it. For example, if you want the drone to move forward, you have to simply swipe up on your phone screen, and it will move in that direction. To land it, simply swipe down on your screen, or just press a button on the app that says land.

The drones battery lasts for about 25 minutes which is more than enough time to take some amazing selfies. Also, when you are done taking selfies, you can use the drone just for fun, and fly around with it. It is truly a blast!

How to use Shadow X Drone?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Turn on your Shadow X Drone.
  • Pair your Shadow X Drone to the remote controller by pressing the power button on the remote controller and then pressing the pairing button on Shadow X Drone.
  • Connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi network that begins with “Shadow X” and ends in a number.
  • Open your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings and select “Shadow X” from the available networks list.
  • Launch the app and follow the prompts to complete setup.
  • To take off, tilt your phone upward or press up on the control stick. To land, press down on the control stick or let go of it completely.

How To Setup Shadow X Drone?

Shadow X Drone is an agile, super simple to fly and a great beginner’s drone for anyone who wants to get started in the wonderful world of drones. The Shadow X Drone is fun and easy to fly with all the features that the pros want for flying.

Shadow X Drone can be controlled by your cell phone, which is a very easy process. Download the app to your Apple or Android Smartphone device. Through this app, you can easily monitor your drone. Use the main interface to hover, snap pictures, and wedding album video.

Capture every angle perfectly

The Shadow X Drone is your personal flying camera, the only drone with a fully integrated 4K UHD video camera and controller. With its lightweight design, easy-to-use features, and intuitive controls, the Shadow X Drone is perfect for beginners.

Shadow X Drone is the only drone with a fully integrated 4K UHD video camera and controller. It has an innovative foldable design that makes it easy to carry on the go and store in small places. With the built-in GPS technology and smart flight modes, you can capture amazing images with ease. The Shadow X Drone comes in eight colors to match your style.

Shadow X Drone Review

The Shadow X Drone is a foldable drone that can be easily transported. It has a HD camera and comes with 4K resolution, along with full GPS navigation. The controller has a smart phone holder to mount your phone and get the first person view of the flight.

In Shadow X Drone Review, we will take a look at this new drone, what features it offers, and see if it’s worth buying.


In short, the Shadow X is the best drone under $100.00, by a long shot. This little device can do some incredible tricks, has loads of features and stability, and if you act fast, it can also come with a remote control. If you have any questions about Shadow X Drone Review, please leave us a comment below!

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