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Shark Cordless Pet Pro Review: Tackling Pet Mess with Precision

Getting a quality cordless vacuum that can handle pet hair can make cleaning much easier. The Shark Cordless Pet Pro promises powerful suction and specialized tools for pet messes. But does it deliver? This review covers the key details on how well this Shark vacuum performs.


The Shark Cordless Pet Pro is a lightweight, portable cordless stick vacuum designed for homes with pets. Key features:

  • Cordless design with detachable battery for easy charging
  • DuoClean floorhead with brushes to pull in hair
  • Anti hair wrap tool to keep brushes fur free
  • Up to 40 minutes of fade-free power
  • Includes pet multi tool and crevice tool

Shark rates this as their ultimate pet vacuum thanks to patented PowerFins technology and a self-cleaning brushroll.

Weight7.17 lbs
Battery Life40 mins
Charging Time2-3 hrs
Suction ControlVariable

How It Cleans Pet Hair?

The Shark Cordless Pet Pro uses a DuoClean floorhead with a soft roller in front and bristle brush in back to pull in pet hair from carpets and floors. The key feature is PowerFins – comb-like channels that help guide hair off the brush roll into the vacuum.

The self-cleaning brush roll also resists tangles and keeps spinning smoothly. Reviews praise the Pet Pro’s ability to pick up dog and cat fur without getting tangled or clogged.

Handheld Performance

This cordless Shark comes with useful attachments like a pet multi-tool, crevice tool, and anti hair wrap tool. The handheld mode provides great flexibility to target fur on furniture, ceilings, drapes and in tight spaces. Customers report the lightweight body makes cleaning upholstery and stairs simple.

Reviews & Ratings

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon based on 300+ reviews
  • Positive feedback on maneuverability and pet hair pickup
  • Some complaints about battery life limiting larger homes
  • Overall rated as excellent for pet owners

“This little guy really does the trick!”

Is Shark Pet Pro Worth Buying?

If you deal with lots of pet mess, the Shark Cordless Pet Pro delivers on convenient cordless power matched with specialized tools to handle hairy situations. Testimonials back up the strong performance on carpets, bare floors and above floor areas. For pet owners needing serious pickup power in a lightweight package, the Pet Pro is a worthwhile investment.