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Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Review: Detailed Analysis

The Shark av752 Ion Robot vacuum promises to take one more chore off your household to-do list. But does this budget-friendly robotic cleaner actually deliver? This Shark av752 review covers the key specs, pros and cons, legitimacy, and real-world performance to help you decide if it’s a smart buy.

Key Takeaways

  • The Shark av752 is a low-cost robotic vacuum with strong suction and triple brush system
  • It has sensors to avoid falls and can be controlled via mobile app or voice assistants
  • With over 7,600 4.3-star Amazon ratings, customers find it reliable and convenient
  • Available from multiple major retailers, 1-year warranty, and positive reviews indicate legitimacy
  • Delivers solid cleaning performance for the price; a good option for light day-to-day upkeep

Overview of the Shark av752 Robot Vacuum

The Shark av752 Ion robot vacuum provides hands-free cleaning via an intelligent, self-navigating design. As a lower-cost model, it’s best suited to light, routine vacuum jobs rather than deep cleaning.

Some notable features and specs:

  • Triple brush system with main bristle brush and dual side brushes
  • 120 minute battery life for cleaning multiple rooms
  • Control via Shark’s app, Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands
  • Built-in sensors detect stairs and other drop-offs to avoid falls
  • Budget price point around $230

In short – the Shark av752 offers solid everyday cleaning performance with handy voice control features at an affordable cost. But is it worth buying?

Benefits and advantages

According to Shark ion robot vacuum reviews, the av752 stands out for convenience, effectiveness, and value:

Convenient mobile and voice control

The SharkClean mobile app allows you to schedule whole-home cleanings whenever needed. Alternatively, connect with Alexa or Google Assistant to start cleaning sessions via voice commands. This hands-free control means you don’t have to manually operate the device.

Strong suction Pickup

This model has the same strong suction capabilities as more expensive Shark robot vacuums. The bristle brush digs into carpets to dislodge debris while the side brushes sweep along edges and corners. Reviewers mention the vacuum’s impressive pickup of dust, dirt, pet hair and other everyday messes.

Cliff sensors avoid tumbles

The av752 robot cleaner map outs your home and uses cliff sensors to detect stairs and other drop-offs. This allows the device to clean without fear of it toppling down steps when cleaning unsupervised.

Cost savings

At around $230, the Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum is among the most affordable robot vacuums that deliver decent performance. For light touch-up cleaning, it provides good value for money compared to far pricier models.

Potential downsides

The av752 has a few limitations to consider:

  • No smart mapping or methodical cleaning patterns
  • Can bump into furniture due to less-advanced navigation
  • Not intended for deep carpet cleaning jobs

So while convenient for maintenance cleaning, results may be less consistent compared to top-of-the-line models with smarter technology.

Is the Shark av752 a legitimate product?

When assessing any new device, it’s reasonable to ask – is this legit or a scam?

Several factors indicate the Shark ion vacuum cleaner is the real deal:

  • Available from Walmart, Amazon, eBay and other major U.S. retailers
  • Over 7,600 Amazon ratings averaging 4.3-stars
  • Many positive customer reviews praising value and reliability
  • Covered by 1-year warranty
  • Established brand with history of quality vacuums

Given the above, the av752 robot vacuum ticks all the boxes of a valid, genuine product.

Hands-on performance and reviews

Actual owner experiences provide the best insight into how the Shark av752 performs for real-world cleaning jobs.

Positive feedback includes:

“A great little robot vacuum that does a better job than I expected for the price.”

“Cleans my apartment’s tile floors and short carpet well. Easy to use via the phone app.”

“Holds a charge for over an hour. Great for quick daily cleanups.”

“The voice control integration with Alexa makes this so convenient.”

The consensus is the av752 delivers satisfactory everyday cleaning – especially for the budget price – with the help of handy voice assistant and app control. Its compact size allows it to navigate under and around furniture for whole-room coverage.


For its affordability along with solid cleaning and convenience features, the Shark av752 is a smart budget option for effortless upkeep of hard floors and short carpets. While it can’t match the performance of premium models costing $500+, it out-delivers other lower-priced robot vacuums.

Overall – this Shark ion robot vacuum review finds the av752 is a legitimate product that offers reliable maintenance cleaning and makes a sensible purchase for the price. If you need an occasional robotic helper to tidy up daily messes, it gets the job done.