The Biggest Influence on Current Interior Decorating and Design Trends Is from Online

Interior decorating and design are arguably a mirror of what we see and like in all the other spheres of our lives. In the digital era, a great deal of what we experience is online, and thus it is interesting to look at how the activities and interactions we have online can and do affect the interior design and decor choices that we make.

The movies

We have always wanted to emulate what we see in the movies, and interior decor and design is no different. There are rooms and decorating ideas and trends that either permeate popular culture from the reality of life, and then there are those that start within popular culture and spread into the real world. Interior decor and design can work like this, and more recently, we have seen the return of various deco and design ideas that were popular in movies of various ages and genres. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a great example where some of the motifs and brass lighting have become popular in more modern hotel lobbies.

Online games

The casino games, the layout of the vast spaces to allow sight of all corners, and the glitz and glamour associated with the casino have been a great interior design theme to follow or emulate. A great many of these ideas have also been transferred to the numerous online casinos, and this design theme has infiltrated many a man cave and family games room. It’s just a fun and exciting theme, with all the essentials’ for good room design:- color, lights, and action. Just see the games at, and you’ll see exactly how the live games and theatre of the tables can influence interior design ideas.

Social media

Social media platforms have become some of the biggest influencing aspects of modern life. It’s the go-to place for everything. Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle or the best tech for your gaming experience, online social platforms are the best place to find solutions. Interior design and decor ideas are no different and can be found in bucketfuls on social media. Design ideas have been garnered both from the actual rooms and spaces that you see on others’ social feeds to the actual talks, clips, and social forums on interior design ideas. There is thus both an informal and formal level of sharing and spreading of design ideas that occur mostly on social media than anywhere else in the present time.

As mentioned, the fact that we now spend most of our time online, in social settings, is quite clear that we will be inspired by what it is that we interact with during this time. It thus follows that if we’re watching movies, gaming, and socializing in the online space, then we will also be taking all our design references from these virtual spaces and transposing them to real-life rooms and interior spaces. The three online aspects that are noted herein as most influencing modern design are only expected to have increased levels of influence in the future. It’s an interesting time to be in design.

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