What is the Admission Process in an Alcohol Detox Center?

If you are thinking of joining an alcohol detox center to get rid of your addiction, then we can help you get through with the admission process. A lot of people don’t know how this initial stage works and end up not trying at all. Here are the step-by-step procedures involved in the admission to detox centers. Read the process carefully, so that you don’t miss any important steps. This way, you can stay on top of the admission process.

Initial Call To Identify Your Condition

The first thing you will need to do is to call up the detox center and fix an appointment with them. Once you register your interest with the detox center, the executives from the center will call you to inquire about you. At this point they will ask for your information, that is your name, credentials, your addiction details, and what you expect from the detox treatment and the facility. All this information is necessary to assess your present condition and prepare a diagnosis plan.

Consultation with the Medical Professional

After registration for detox, you will be required to admit yourself to the detox center on a specific date. You will be given instructions on what to bring with you on the day of admission. You will only be needing a few sets of clothes and even the books you were reading, everything else will be provided for. On the first day of your admission, you will be consulted by psychiatrists and physiologists who will assess your present medical condition, the severity of your drug abuse, and the possible treatment plans you will need.

Checking of Insurance & Other Payment Modes

The alcohol detox clinic makes sure you are financially covered for the process. They do so, using your insurance cover or any other means of payments you might prefer. Many detox centers have tied up with leading insurance companies to cover detox and rehab programs. Several corporate companies extend their employee insurance to cover their drug de-addiction expenses.

Comprehensive Medical Analysis of You

The medical professionals will use your initial diagnosis and consultation reports to chart out your individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan of yours will be completely designed for you and you only, meaning, no one else will follow your schedules for detox, and therapies, and any other de-addiction measures you are assigned. All your progress will be noted down and a complete report on your progress will be constantly updated.

Get Your Own Individualized Detox Program

The medical treatment plan will start with your individualized detox for alcohol and continue towards several therapy sessions, counseling sessions with leading psychiatrists, H & I Meetings, and so on. You can go through these steps one by one and finally change your life.

All these steps are followed at Briarwood Detox Center, where you will get your own treatment plan designed and you will be provided with urgent care to help you get through those programs. All you have to do is trust the center and the professionals who work with you.

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