Why Buy Organic Food Products?

Organic products are those products grown without fertilizers containing synthetics, sewage sludge or the conventional pesticides. Bio engineering and ionization radiation should also not have been used.
Organic foods are popular because of their quality and wholesome nature. The method of production of these foods is in addition earth friendly. Organic agriculture is also valued as much because it has fewer health risks. This can be because the farmers use less of the toxic chemicals and try to use natural alternatives as much as they can. Organic food producers use other unconventional ways in their production such as crop rotation, using manure as fertilizer, manual weeding, while those keeping animals allow them to feed freely in the outdoors.
In most cases organic health products tend to be more expensive but contain more nutritional value. For example studies have revealed that compared to conventionally grown tomatoes, organic tomatoes have higher content of vitamin C and phytochemicals.

The production of organic foods in the United States has to reach certain standards. Organic foods therefore have to be certified as organic.

Foods certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as organic are really organic in content. They will therefore bear a certification seal. If a farmer is changing from conventional farming to organic production, the product will have a seal labeled ‘transition’. Organic health products might be all natural but for the products to be considered as organic, there are standards they have to meet in terms of processing or growing.

If you are choosing which organic health products to purchase, try buying from a reputable company whose products have been certified by the relevant authorities.

What makes them organic?

Their production must minimize soil degradation. This can be made possible by reducing the use of hazardous chemicals but instead fertilizers that enhance the soil’s fertility. This method should have been in use for more than three years.

Organic animal products must be from animals that feed outdoors or are given organic animal feeds. They should also not have been administered with any growth hormones or antibiotic.

Organic foods or organic health products will have been indicated on the labels that the product is organic. However, if a product is not 100% organic it should be indicated to what percentage it is organic. False indication about the organic content in the product is punishable by law which involves paying a fine.