7 Unique Tours of Singapore for Tourists & Expats

Singapore seems like the perfect little utopian city where everything functions like clockwork. Tourists and expats who visit and live in Singapore may find the city state a little too polished. However, being a generally conservative society, you’d have to look a little deeper. Just like an onion, foreigners need to unpeel and uncover Singapore layer by layer. 

Below are 7 unique tours that tell different stories of Singapore.

Triad Trails Tour

There is a famous tagline churned out by the Singapore Police Force, “low crime doesn’t mean no crime.” The aim is to keep Singapore vigilant and not get complacent by its perceived safety. This tour, however, unravels the organised crimes of Singapore. Led by ex-gang members, this tour shows participants the history of triads in Singapore. It would be an interesting part of history not written in the books. 

Kampung Tour

Singapore’s modern city architecture, while structurally stronger and beautiful, removes hints of its history and unique culture. Kampung literally means village in Malay. Singapore was a Singapore Malay village before its independence. Many residents were systematically moved from their kampungs to high-rise flats, changing their lives forever. This tour reminisces the old days of kampung living and allows visitors to explore the laidback rural environment Singapore used to have.

Horror Tours

Westerners may have their Halloween parties but in Singapore, locals love to share real horror stories and go on tour to famous haunted locations all over the island. Ask any local and they will show you the locations to go to for some spooky sightings. While foreigners may discredit this belief, going on this tour will also uncover a story behind its creepy atmosphere. 

There are also tours of grisly murder sites of infamous crime cases in Singapore’s history. Boggle your mind with stories of Chinatown’s murders in the past and the infamous child ritual killings. Definitely a different way to discover Singapore! 

Island Hop

Many people forget that amidst the glistening skyscrapers, Singapore is a tropical island. Singapore consists of 64 islands, including the mainland. While most lesser known islands are not for visiting, people can still do some island hopping in Singapore. 

Pulau Ubin is the most famous and visited apart from Sentosa. With its rural landscape and laidback lifestyle, it is the complete opposite of what Singapore is known for. There are also the Southern Islands, consisting of St John’s Island, Kusu Island, Sisters’ Island, and Lazarus Island.

Trishaw Tour

Trishaw is Singapore’s version of taxi in the olden days. Commonly found in Southeast Asian nations, trishaws usually seat two people only. This tour brings visitors to the ethnic areas of Singapore, allowing them a more up-close and personal experience.


Experience the rustic atmosphere of a floating fish farm in Singapore! Just a short boat ride away, listen to the stories of rural past, spot wildlife, and enjoy a delicious seafood dinner by the sea! Not a common sight in Singapore, everyone can take a breather from city life and enjoy the serenity here. 

Food Tour

What better way to discover Singapore than to indulge in one of the nation’s favourite pastimes – eat! Try the different ethnic foods of Singapore in all the different concepts – traditional, generational, and even fusion! Singapore has always been a place for immigrants since before the British colonial rule and people from all over the world brought their food into the country and eventually evolved as we see them today. Find out where these foods originated from and how it has transformed over the years. 

More than Meets the Eye

A lot of tourists say that you only need a few days in Singapore. There are also people who say that Singapore is a boring country to visit. With the list of unique tours we listed above, these allegations are not true! 

While tourists may want to only cover the interesting attractions of Singapore such as the Marina Bay area and Sentosa Island, expats may want to explore a little deeper. Expats who want to live long-term in Singapore may find that it is an interesting country and it will help them understand the country better. This is important for those who want to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency. As part of the Singapore PR application, expats are encouraged to take part in social integration activities to assimilate into the society. This would also help boost their chances of PR approval. What better way to blend in and contribute to society than exploring and understanding it first? Thus, these unique tours give in-depth context and historical background in a fun way!

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