How To Make a Cloud in Little Alchemy?

Have you ever played Little Alchemy? It is a very interesting game where you can combine lots of different items to make something new. Today we are going to play Little Alchemy 2 as well! In Little Alchemy 2, the improvement on graphics and gameplay are amazing. Now there are lots different elements in Little Alchemy, such as air and electricity. They can be combined together, then you can make something new. You will enjoy playing this game because the rule is simple and the interface is clear. Then let’s start learning how to make a cloud in Little Alchemy 2!

The basic idea behind making an item is finding similarity that a combination of different things can make with specific item. Just think of all possible pair of items that indicate cloud.

How To Make a Cloud in Little Alchemy?

To make cloud, combine the following elements:

Mist and Sky

When it gets cold, the moisture in the air suddenly cools down and makes a layer of fog. This phenomenon is called mist. It looks like a cloud, but it’s actually not.

Sky and Water

Clouds are basically made up of water droplets and ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

Atmosphere and Water

Cloud formation takes place in the atmosphere. The water vapors in the atmosphere turn cold and thus condense to form clouds.

Atmosphere and Mist

The sky is similar to the atmosphere. Both are vast entities that hold life and also contain weather conditions.

What We Can Make From Cloud in Little Alchemy?

At first, it is hard to make new things from different combinations. However, as you mix more combinations, you will get more novices. Below here are all the things you can make from cloud in Little Alchemy 2:

  • air helps to make sky
  • earth helps to make fog
  • electricity helps to make storm
  • energy helps to make storm
  • ice helps to make hail
  • livestock helps to make sheep
  • plant helps to make cotton
  • sugar helps to make cotton candy
  • water helps to make rain

Walkthrough for cloud in Little Alchemy

  • fire + water = steam
  • air + steam = cloud


Hopefully, this guide has helped readers create their own cloud in Little Alchemy. Now you can invent your own unique creatures knowing the basics of the best and easiest Little Alchemy ideas!

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