How to Sell on PoE.Trade?

PoE.Trade is an online trading platform for Path of Exile players, based on the user driven economy model. It allows anyone to buy items for real money or other virtual currencies, giving Path of Exile players a secure place to trade without having to worry about being scammed

The first thing to do is create an account on PoE.Trade, which you can find here . The page will ask for your email address and password so it knows where to send any trade notifications that happen in game. It’s very important you set this up correctly because if your email isn’t linked with the correct character, you won’t receive the trade notification on your phone.

The next thing to do is link your Path of Exile account with PoE Trade. To do this go here , and just click on Link A Steam Account . It will then ask for some information about yourself including name, email address, date of birth etc., which is then linked with your Path of Exile account.

Please note that PoE Trade is not an official GGG site, it’s a third party tool for Path of Exile players to trade more securely on the in-game market place.

Make sure you have a premium membership so that you can receive the extra points. If someone is selling an item on PoE Trade and they don’t have this, it may be worth asking them to buy one before making the purchase. This will avoid any problems later down the line.

If you are buying items from another player, make sure you check their PoE profile , which lists all the items they own. If they don’t have a premium membership, there is no point in buying any of their items because it won’t give you any points!

If you are selling on PoE Trade and want to know how much your item will sell for, you can use the PoE Trade indexer to search for your item. This will give you a rough estimate as to how much items are going for so that you know roughly what yours might sell for.

Trading in Path of Exile

Trading in Path of Exile is a very easy thing to do. Simply create an account on PoE.Trade and you can search for items that other players are selling using the built-in searches, or by simply typing in keywords such as “Strength Armour Helm” into the search bar. Within this section you will be able to narrow down your results by certain elements such as the type of weapon (Bow, Dagger, etc), and what kind of armor it is.

As you can see in this section we have searched for “Dagger” which brings up a list with all the daggers that are available to buy on PoE.Trade . This does not mean that these items will be available on the site forever, as they will eventually be sold.

How to use PoE.Trade?

How to use PoE.Trade? is a common question that players often ask. PoE.Trade is an online tool for Path of Exile items, so it’s important to understand how the site works before you start asking questions about why something isn’t working properly on the website or what your next steps should be when posting an item or searching for one.

  • To begin using this website, you must first understand what’s going on. PoE.Trade is an in-game trade website that allows players to buy and sell items for in-game currency or premium points which are purchased with real money through GGG.
  • As transactions take place within the game client itself, it acts as a secure way of completing trades without having to keep track of who is online, what they are selling or buying and their prices.
  • All trades that take place on PoE.Trade will require an in-game currency called “Premium Points” which can be purchased through the official Path of Exile website using real money. You cannot buy these points with premium time (which can be purchased through the game).
  • Premium points are required for every purchase that is made on PoE.Trade with any player, whether it’s buying or selling an item. These can also act as a reward system within Path of Exile so you could trade diamonds and other items to GGG directly for these points which is something some players do.
  • To use PoE.Trade and sell your items, you must first create a seller’s account on the website which is located at “poetrade dot com” then log into this site with your Path of Exile or Twitch login details (your username will be shown as whatever it says in the top right corner of your game client).
  • Once you have logged into the website, you can then begin trading with people. The process is very simple and easy to use for anyone who has ever used an online trade site before. Simply add items that you want to sell by clicking on them in your stash or character inventory screen, click “Post” which will take you to the PoE.Trade post screen where you then enter your trade details (price, buyout price, currency type and optionally a message).
  • When posting an item for sale on PoE.Trade, it’s important that you click “Public” when selecting who can view this item in order to make sure people will be able to find it when they are searching for items.
  • If you want people to be able to contact you easily, also check the box next to “Buyout Only” so that anyone who wants an item can message you using PoE.Trade rather than having them post their own offer which will make sure your inbox isn’t flooded with messages.
  • Once you’re happy with your transaction, click “Post” and it will be listed on the website for other players to see where they can buy or sell their own items. It’s important that if you want to receive any sort of return from this investment, make sure all transactions are done within Path of Exile itself as PoE.Trade charges a fee for every trade that you make on their website which is taken from the premium points you have purchased through GGG.
  • When searching for items to buy or sell, PoE.Trade has an advanced search system which allows players to filter items based on type (Body Armour, Weapons etc.), base item and league. This allows players to find the specific items they are looking for without wasting time sifting through irrelevant results which can save a lot of time when searching for an item that you know exactly what it looks like such as “Goldrim” or “Tabula Rasa” (if you’re selling).
  • It’s important to note that premium points will play a role in your experience on the website as they allow you to make trades without having to wait for transactions to be approved by GGG (their approval time can take up anywhere between 15 minutes and 24 hours depending on their current workload). The more people who are subscribed, the faster your transaction should go through.
  • If you are looking to buy items with premium points, it’s important that when making your offer on an item, you make sure you have enough points in order to cover the cost of your purchase. This is because if someone accepts your offer but doesn’t have the required premium points required to complete said transaction, they will be unable to do so and you will not receive your item.
  • Only the seller can see how much premium points are required for a transaction to take place, so it’s important that if you want people to send you items through trade rather than using their stash tabs, make sure they have enough in order pay for said transactions with no issues. This is because when trading, players will have the opportunity to buyout an item immediately rather than waiting for offers.

How to sell items in Path of Exile

When thinking of the best way to sell items in Path of Exile, PoE.Trade is an option that you should definitely consider taking advantage of. This website allows users to buy and sell their items for currency or premium membership which will give them more points when trading with other players on site. You can find out whether a player has purchased premium membership by checking their profile page and seeing if they have any points listed next to the unique items that they are selling. It is important to note that you should not sell your “Mirror of Kalandra” item on PoE.Trade, but instead take it directly to another player for in-game currency or premium member status so that everyone can benefit. Make sure to use the proper keywords when posting your item so that people can find you easily and quickly on PoE.Trade!