Stages and features of roof leak repairs

Everyone understands the importance of a sturdy roof. But weather conditions and the flow of time can wear it out and cause damage, creating a need in repairs.

If you are faced with roofing problems and need to perform repairs, this guide will provide valuable information that should help you ensure the successful and effective restoration of your roof.

Basic steps of roof repairs

Roof leak repairs are being performed step-by-step. Let’s take a look at a basic scheme of the process.

Initial inspection

The first step in any roof repair should be a thorough inspection in order to evaluate the scale of damage. Roofers usually offer a free inspection service to give a professional look at the state of your roof and discover signs of damage like missing or cracked roof tiles, water stains or any other problems.

Searching for damage from below

Before climbing the roof, a specialist will take a look from the ground. Experienced repairmen are able to detect potentially problematic areas without going up close. This preliminary inspection will help to detect the urgency of the job and spots that require an additional investigation.

Roofing material inspection

The roofer will attentively look over the roofing material after climbing up. This step is important because it helps to determine the type of the roofing system:

  • Asphalt shingle;
  • Clay tile;
  • Metallic roofing or any other material.

The ability to discern roofing material is a key factor for producing an effective repair plan.


After the inspection the roofer will present his conclusion of the current state of the roof. He will point out areas that require urgent maintenance and explain the repair process.

Discussions and Q&A

Afterwards the roofer will discuss an initial repair plan and will answer question and doubts about the repair process, materials and deadlines. Every point brought up will be meticulously talked over with a client.

Required materials for a roof repair

After the inspection and planning is over it is time to stock up on the necessary materials for a roof repair. Those will depend on the damage type and the present roofing system.

Ceramic tile

This is one of the most widespread roofing materials due to its price and longevity. During tile roof repairs the roofer has to pick out fitting spare elements in order to keep the distinct look of the construction.

Clay tile

Houses with clay tile roofs demand replacement of cracked or shattered tiles to prevent leaks from appearing and restore the roof integrity. Qualified specialists carefully remove damaged parts and replace them with new ones, ensuring a seamless conjunction of the repaired area with the old roofing.


Roof repairs require various consumables like roofing nails, glues, sealants and underlayment. They are the deciding factor in the repaired roof’s stability and its protective function.

How to repair a roof

The repair process will depend on the type and scale of damage. Usually, the steps are:

  • Cleaning the work area. The roofer will begin by cleaning up the area around the damaged section in order to secure a safe working area that is free from litter;
  • Removing damaged parts. In case of a tile roof, damaged tiles are being carefully dismantled;
  • Underlay inspection. After clearing visible damage, the roofer will investigate the underlay for faults, including water damage. The underlay is an additional protective layer, placed below the roofing.
  • Replacement. Damaged material will be replaced with new parts of the same color and style of current roofing.
  • Sealing and finishing. At the end the roofer will ensure that all new parts are properly sealed and affixed. The repaired section will undergo a quality check.

It is important to entrust repairs to a qualified and experienced specialist who knows the proper and secure way to fix any problem!

Roof repairs FAQ

What is the average cost of rood repairs?

The average cost varies depending on the damage type and roofing material. Homeowners can spend from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars.

Is a roof leak considered an emergency?

Yes, a roof leak is an emergency because it can inflict significant damage to the house’s interior and threaten the roof’s structural integrity. If a leak is spotted, immediately contact a roofing service.

Can the roof be repaired from the inside?

While temporary repairs are possible to perform from within the house, a proper repair job requires direct access to the roof surface. An attempt to repair the construction from the attic without necessary knowledge can lead to a greater problem.

What kind of damage does insurance cover?

Roof damage caused by sudden and unexpected events, like a hurricane, are usually covered by an insurance policy. However, absence of maintenance or damage due to roof wear and tear is not included.

How long do repairs take?

The roof’s service life is dependent on several factors like material quality, the roofing company’s experience and the severity of damage. A professionally performed repair is able to extend the roof’s service life by several years, but natural deterioration can still require regular maintenance and possibly another repair in the future.

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