Hummeze Colormetric Hummingbird Feeder Cleaner

Are you frustrated with trying to clean your hummingbird and oriole nectar feeders? Tired of chasing the nectar around the feeder basin and spilling it in your yard? You don’t have to live like that. The Hummeze Hummingbird Cleaner Feeder is here to save the day (and your sanity). In this review we will discuss whether the feeder is worth considering or not. If you’re currently using a hummingbird or oriole nectar feeder, you can use this guide to decide whether a cleaner solution is right for you.

Hummeze is a great way to keep your hummingbird feeders clean and fresh, so you can attract more hummingbirds to your yard. It’s easy to use, environmentally friendly, and safe for people and pets.

The unique colormetric formula in Hummeze changes the water from colored to clear when the feeders are clean!

What is Hummeze?

The world’s most effective, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable hummingbird feeder cleaner.

Simply soak the feeders in water with Hummeze. The unique colormetric formula in Hummeze changes the water from colored to clear when the feeders are clean! No more guessing if your feeder is clean or dirty.

Hummingbird nectar that looks like water is a recipe for disaster. Hummingbirds have very sensitive digestive systems and can starve to death if fed contaminated nectar. This is why it is important to use only fresh, clean sugar water in your hummingbird feeders.

Hummeze will also remove mold from your hummingbird feeder from inside and out, keeping your nectar fresh longer and protecting your birds from harmful toxins.

Features of Hummeze

The Hummeze cleaning solution is an all-natural, non-toxic, chemical-free solution that will clean your hummingbird feeder without harsh chemicals. When you put the Hummeze solution in your feeder and add water, it turns purple and becomes clear when it’s clean.

Hummeze is easy to use with no brushing or scrubbing needed. Just fill your feeder with water; add one capful of the solution; let it sit for 10 minutes; then rinse it out with hot water. That’s it!

The 6 oz bottle of Hummeze lasts for about 36 feeder cleanings. The 16 oz bottle lasts for about 72 cleanings.

Hummeze is made in the USA from natural ingredients that are safe for you and your family as well as being safe for the birds.

How does Hummeze work?

The Hummeze cleaning brush attaches to any standard bottle of dish soap or hand sanitizer. The nylon bristles are specially designed to reach every part of your hummingbird or oriole feeder. Simply fill the bottle with soap or sanitizer, screw on the brush head and hang it from your feeder for easy cleaning!

Who needs Hummeze?

If you have ever tried to clean a traditional hummingbird or oriole nectar feeder you know how difficult it is! Traditional methods require an awkward combination of hot water, dish soap and lots of patience – not to mention an empty sink or bathtub! Hummeze makes this process much simpler by eliminating all of these steps so you can spend more time enjoying watching the birds!

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