Important Highlights on the Island Sweet Skunk CBD Strain

Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) is a crossbreed of Legendary Skunk and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. Hence, it tastes skunky and sweet with a hint of grapefruit. Most people consume it to get an uplifting and energizing effect at any time.

Despite originating from Vancouver where it is still grown to date, Sweet Island Skunk is grown in many other places around the world. You have probably heard about its benefits and have been wondering what more you need to know about the CBD strain. You are in the right place where we will review it.

The Contents of Island Sweet Skunk CBD Strain

CBD connoisseurs in Vancouver and around the world praise Island Sweet Skunk for its positive CBD benefits. As an indica-dominant CBD strain, the flower shows attributes of high CBD levels that can reach 20% and low THC levels of 0.3%.

Furthermore, the Sweet Skunk strain is rich in other cannabidiols such as terpenes and CBG. The strain is as complex in cannabidiol compounds as any other major CBD strain.

The Aroma and Appearance

Terpenes and other compounds give Island Sweet Skunk strain its aroma of grapefruit, and they also contribute to its health benefits. It has many similarities to Hawaiian Haze grown and sold by Cannaflower. In fact, you would be forgiven for confusing the flower buds of the Sweet Skunk with Hawaiian Haze.

Benefits of Island Sweet Skunk CBD Strain

By now, it is clear that Island Sweet Skunk is an incredible CBD strain that you might want to order and try. But before you do, we have some more insights that will further convince you. Here are some of the benefits users get from using the strain:

·       Energize and elevate moods – The presence of high levels of CBD and terpenes promotes energy levels. Any adult can use this legal strain at any time to uplift moods and feel energetic. The best way to consume it is by smoking joints.

·       Lower anxiety and stress – We all know that high CBD use is good for anxiety and stress management. People who have tried hemp flowers before a situation that brings anxiety can attest to this. As such, it is crucial to try the Island Sweet Skunk CBD strain that delivers similar or better experiences.

·       Reduce inflammation – CBD is good in many ways, and it can reduce inflammation as well. So, if you have just underwent surgery, recovered from an illness, or suffering from a chronic illness that has put your immunity to the test, boost it back to normal by using this strain.

·       Alleviate pain – Pain can be excruciating and annoying, it causes a lack of sleep and can destabilize your life. But not anymore because Island Sweet Skunk CBD strain alongside other effective hemp flower strains can help you fight chronic pain. It has a positive effect on any other pain in the body.

Final Words

If you have not tried CBD flower strains and Island Sweet Skunk in particular, you are missing a lot. Luckily, you now have helpful insights to help you make informed decisions. Visit the web and pick your products now.

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