Pros and Cons of Getting a Double Degree

The double degree modality has been, little by little, becoming popular among the student community, being one of the most sought-after degrees in the selectivity process, where, as a consequence of the small number of places, the cut-off marks are quite high.

double degree

What does it mean to get a double degree?

You have to take into account that a double degree demands a special dedication, since the teaching load will be greater, the effort you will have to dedicate will be double that of a normal degree, so if you decide to pursue a double degree as a future perspective, your dedication to your studies will have to be 100% to successfully pass the double degree.

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Thus, a double degree consists of obtaining two degrees in the same field of study, which shares subjects, in the same period as a normal degree program. There are many degrees in the same field, where the subjects overlap, and this has been the idea behind the possibility of creating these double degrees.

However, keep in mind that with a dual degree the academic load is higher, and the number of subjects per year is also higher, not to mention the fact that, in addition, you will have to complete a double thesis project to graduate, one for each degree.

Advantages of studying for a double degree

As we always say, preparation is essential for the competitive world in which we find ourselves, so the more educated you are, the more chances you have of getting a good job, something that can happen if you study for a double degree.

Differentiate yourself in the job market

Earning a double degree will make a difference in the job market. Nowadays many students opt for university studies, so we find a job market full of students with higher degrees. Therefore, a student with a double degree that has been studied together will stand out on any resume much more than a bachelor’s degree, so the job applicant will immediately become more attractive.

Encourages creativity

To do a double degree, you will have to develop a different study mechanism than you have been doing up to now, and this involves an increase in creative ability. Many students say that studying for a double degree has helped them change their way of thinking.

Increased knowledge

In addition to the enrichment of studying for a double degree, you will be able to study at the same time two careers that you liked and did not know which one to choose. It will also give you a more complete knowledge of the field you are studying since what one degree does not give you, the other one will give you.

Thus, you will get a somewhat multidisciplinary vision, being able to observe the contents to be studied from different perspectives, which will give you the ability to deepen and analyze in a more complex way the contents that, for those who have only studied a degree, will remain on the surface.

Disadvantages of studying for a double degree

Double degrees also have several disadvantages that we will see below:


A double degree clearly takes longer, 5 to 6 years, this can be a problem for those people who need to enter the job market quickly, because of their personal situation. In addition, it is very important that you really like what you are going to study since it requires a great sacrifice.

Higher cost

In relation to the above, a dual degree also implies a higher cost, both financial and time, so if you are thinking about getting a dual degree, so think carefully about whether you need it. However, you can try to get a scholarship if you have good grades and know how to write an amazing motivation letter.

High cut-off marks

You should also keep in mind that a double degree is not for everyone, the cut-off marks are usually quite high, so make sure beforehand what is the cut-off mark you need to get in the selectivity tests.

Loss of educational quality

Some critics of this system consider that with double degrees, quality is exchanged for quantity and that the knowledge imparted becomes more superficial, leaving students with a general idea of the degree programs, but without the depth of a normative degree.

With all this information, if you want to study for a double degree, we advise you to analyze it carefully and take into account all the pros and cons that we have outlined. Knowing that the workload is greater, you will have to evaluate the possibility of dedicating the necessary time to it so that you come out victorious.

Is it worth getting a double degree?

In addition, you have to like the two degrees that you will study equally since you will have to pass both of them to obtain the degree; this way, if you have doubts and you only like one of them, do not hesitate to study only that degree, since it is very valid as well.

What is more, you should know that there are companies that value the inclusion of people with a dual degree in their team because it means that you can be more competent because of enough knowledge.

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