The Power of Visuals: Design Tips for More Instagram Likes

In the dynamic landscape of social media, Instagram is the favorite platform of users worldwide due to the presence of visually appealing, engaging, and informative content. In the era of split-second impressions, the power of creative visuals cannot be neglected. Impressive visuals give your audience a reason to like, comment, share, and save your posts. A strong visual can elevate your presence, whereas low-quality graphics break your strategy. The visuals in the form of images, videos, infographics, carousels, collages, etc, play a vital role in connecting with your audience, driving engagement, and bringing success to the business. The allure of visual content opens a portal to an imaginative world of creativity, innovation, and art. Such content captures the attention of the users and encourages them to show engagement. However, crafting captivating visuals requires a creative mindset, strategic approach, knowledge of art, and amazing storytelling. In this blog, we will discuss some important design tips to elevate your Instagram visual game and build an empire on this platform.

What is Visual Content?

Before going into the details of design tips, it’s important to have a clear idea of what visual content is and what type of content comes under this category. In simple words, visual content is any content that is in image-based form. Images that create a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind help you get a massive following and high engagement. If you desire to boost up engagement in less time, you can simply buy likes for Instagram from an authentic company. Visual content plays a crucial role in breaking up heavy text posts and giving them an interesting and captivating look to digest for viewers. Visual Content Includes:

  • Single Image Posts
  • Videos
  • Instagram stories
  • Carousel posts (multiple photos or videos)
  • GIFs
  • IGTV
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Reels
  • Animations
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Collages and Montages
  • Memes
  • Live Videos

Design Tips for More Instagram Likes

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Creating eye-catching content is essential to being noticed on a platform where millions of posts are getting published everyday. Appealing visual content not only enhances your brand presence but also fosters strong connections that can convert into devoted followers. Consider the following design tips to you make your Instagram posts look captivating and appealing:

Decide on a color scheme for your brand

If you are a brand, deciding and maintaining a consistent theme for all your posts is crucial. It makes your feed look visually appealing, professional, decent, captivating, and eye-catchy to your followers. Moreover, when you use a particular theme for your brand, your followers can instantly recognize your brand whenever you post something, which helps enhance brand loyalty. However, the suitable theme depends on the niche of your business. A clothing brand can use a combination of bright, bold, and appealing colors, whereas a training academy should use soft and light colors that match its website and logo theme color.

Use High-Quality Images

Using high-quality images is a basic requirement for your visual content. Low-resolution and blurry images cause a negative impression of your brand and fail to bring the desired engagement. To ensure the quality of your content, firstly, use a good camera with advanced features and capabilities. Secondly, set the lighting, composition, and focus to make sure that the images are clear, crisp, well-lit, and focused. Use creative elements like effects, filters, stickers, etc, in the content to make it stand out from the crowd. High-quality images create a stunning aesthetic appeal of your Instagram profile that attracts users.

Combine Text with Visual Content

Text with Visual Content

Adding text directly on a plain background or in captions cannot grab the user’s interest while scrolling. Therefore, it’s essential to use an appealing and engaging background that can captivate the user’s interest. Using a relevant image that matches the written content of your post can easily convey your message in the form of storytelling and bring good engagement. Text Overlays are the standard type of content where you can add important information, quotes, messages, testimonials, etc, directly on a photo. Besides that, infographics are the most popular type of content where the same strategy is used. It allows you to break down complex information in an easy form and make it understandable for the audience.

Storytelling through Carousel Posts

According to statistics, carousel posts have the highest engagement rate (3.15%) on Instagram compared to regular posts with 1.94% engagement. They are the best type of content to break down a long process, tell a story, share a sequence of events, and provide multiple tips or tricks, highlights, comparisons, and much more. As carousel posts allow you to add multiple images in a single post, you can easily add important content related to your brand that cannot fit in a 1:1 single post. They are just like a powerpoint presentation where multiple slides are present with intriguing content. These carousel posts keep your audience engaged and motivated to swipe till the last slide.

Balance the visuals, text, and blank space

Balance the visuals

Achieving a harmonious balance between the visuals, text, and blank space is crucial. A congested image can enable a viewer to skip your post due to difficulty in understanding and reading the content.  A balanced image creates a visually appealing experience for the user, which is pleasing to the eyes. To perform that, establish a visual hierarchy through the content by using a blend of large font, contrasting background color, and appealing visual content. Moreover, black space is important to ensure a decluttered image that grabs focus on the main content of the post. Try to maintain proper margins and padding at the borders to give your post a clean and professional look.


We have discussed some essential design tips to create a visually stunning narrative and invite a high number of likes and comments. Visually stunning content has the power to be remembered for a longer time, thus increasing your brand exposure and fostering connections. Graphics elevate the text-based content and give viewers a pleasing experience, which ultimately helps you build a strong community. The impactful first impression a creative visual can create is unmatchable. So, use these valuable tips in your next Instagram content strategy and storm your account with likes and comments.


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