Choosing the Best Paper Towels for Tattoo Care

Taking proper care of your new tattoo with gentle paper towel drying and cleansing is vital during the healing process. However, not all paper towels are created equal when it comes to being soft and absorbent enough. We’ll compare attributes to look out for when selecting the best tattoo paper towels.

Key Takeaways

  • Soft, absorbent paper towels are essential for caring for new tattoos
  • Look for towels that are lint-free and non-abrasive to avoid irritation
  • Opt for thicker paper towels that resist tearing for easy use
  • White paper towels show ink transfer to monitor healing
  • Stock up on quality towels for aftercare and regular tattoo duties

Why Paper Towels Are Important for Tattoo Care?

Paper towels play a crucial role in caring for a fresh tattoo by:

  • Gently patting away plasma, leakage, and excess ink
  • Lightly cleaning away blood, lymph fluid, and plasma weepage
  • Absorbing excess petroleum jelly during second skin removal
  • Soaking up water, soap, and moisture during cleansing
  • Checking ink levels daily by the amount of pigment left on towel

Choosing ultra-soft, lint and chemical-free towels ensures safe use on vulnerable new ink without causing damage by dragging on skin or leaving fibers behind.

Key Features of Quality Tattoo Paper Towels

Not all paper towels are made the same. To properly care for delicate new tattoos, look for towels with these attributes:

  • Ultra plush, smooth texture
  • Highly absorbent and fast-drying
  • Resistant to falling apart or tearing
  • Lint-free
  • Unscented/non-abrasive
  • Bleach-free
  • White to easily monitor ink transfer

Testing towel softness and absorbency first-hand can help determine if a brand is up to par for even the most rigorous tattooist standards.

Top Paper Towels Recommended for Tattoo Care

Based on the above criteria, the following paper towel brands stand out as great options:

Viva Choose-A-Sheet – Ultra soft, absorbent, durable

Scott Shop Towels – Lint-free, fast absorbing, strong

Bounty Pro Select-a-Size – Very plush, tear-resistant

Sparkle Paper Towels – Soft, extra thick, bright white

Double-check that any paper towels are free of dyes, scents, and chemicals which could irritate skin. Stock up on quality towels for daily tattoo practice.

Paper Towel Uses in Tattooing

Beyond aftercare blotting and drying, paper towels have multiple important uses in tattoo application and procedures:

  • Stencil Application – Apply thermal-printed stencils
  • Outlining – Wipe excess ink from needle
  • Shading – Blot pooled ink for even saturation
  • Cleaning – Disinfect tools and surfaces
  • Covering – Protect armrests and work stations
  • Polish Tattoos – Perform final wipe down of excess balm
  • Freehand tattooing – Use as guide when drawing design

Invest in premium paper towels to fulfill the many tattoo tasks artists face when inking clients daily.

Buying Quality Paper Towels in Bulk

Tattoo artists use up paper towels quickly with constant client work. Buying thicker, luxury paper towel brands in bulk ensures you don’t run out and provides savings over time.

Purchase bundles of 12 or more rolls so excess rolls can be stored until needed. For serious artists, giant packages of 30+ industrial rolls offer great value.

Bulk cases of quality towels should last solo artists up to 6 months while larger studios may go through towels weekly. Check supply and reorder soon as stash gets low.

Choosing the Best Towels for Tattoos

Caring properly for new tattoos is crucial – the right towels make all the difference. When selecting paper towels, prioritize ultra-soft, lint-free, absorbent, durable, and thick options to safely blot, cleanse and monitor your tattoos during the healing journey. With the proper paper towels stocked up, you’ll be prepared to care for tattoos with ease!

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