How To Find Enderman In Overworld Minecraft?

Enderman are usually found in the Overworld and the End, though they can also rarely be found in Strongholds. They are hostile mobs that attack players on sight. Endermen have a special ability which allows them to teleport when the player looks away from them or when the player attacks them. This makes killing an Enderman much more difficult and dangerous than killing most other mobs in Minecraft. If you’re planning to fight an Enderman, make sure you have enough healing items, such as golden apples or potions of healing.

You can find Enderman in the Overworld and in the End. They are not found in the Nether or in any other dimension.

In order to find an Enderman, you have to be on a Survival or Hardcore world. You also have to be at least level 10. If you’re playing on Peaceful mode, you will not be able to find and fight an Enderman.

How To Find Enderman In Overworld Minecraft?

To find endermen, you have to build a platform where you can see far distances. You’ll be looking for flat terrain with no trees so you can see 64 blocks in every direction from your platform. And ideally, you’d like to be able to see all the way out to the horizon.

Build a platform of 20 blocks in the air and make it rectangular; make it 11 by 11 blocks. Then you’re going to look around for some endermen and keep watch over the area.

First of all, we need to make a safe area to set spawn point in case anything goes wrong. You should not be in any danger if you do this correctly but obviously, things happen and you need it to be dark all around for mobs spawn. So, you want to have some extra armour as well as your spawn point.

Our base consists of a secure area in the middle, surrounded by walls. Now, create a platform 20 blocks high with one block width and four blocks length. You can make a lift that will take you from the bottom to the top in one go.

Build a water elevator to spawn endermen. If you are 128 blocks away from the floor, the game will always spawn an enderman.

You should definitely have three swords. It’s the most efficient way to kill endermen and collect their valuable ender pearls, which you can use to build an enderman farm. So you need to be in survival mode, wear armor (no shield), and don’t forget to loot their dead corpses.

There are four directions you need to be on the lookout for Endermen. If you spot one, look at its head and if you’re within 64 blocks, it will teleport to this platform and attack you.

Endermen can be 3 blocks high and as long as you’re standing in a little protected area, they can’t reach you. The best way to attack them safely is to go to the water pool with a roof that is 2 blocks high. You will also put some extra blocks out there so that when you attack them they don’t fall off the edge.

Now use your level III sword to kill Endermen and get Ender Pearls. If you don’t see more, just hop into the water elevator that will take you 128 blocks above ground. Then look for the mob on the platform.

Here, the goal is to get enderman to spawn as soon as possible. When you kill enderman, he will spawn again within a certain time. Be sure to find him again, and repeat the process. With every 2 to 3 times, you will be able to get enderman.

In the Minecraft world, endermen are relatively easy to find. They aren’t like other mobs, who might spawn in an area and then disappear forever. Their home is in the overworld, and you can use their homes as a fast-travel system.

How to kill an Enderman?

Endermen spawn naturally in the End, though they can also spawn in the Overworld by using commands or mods. In order to spawn an Enderman using commands, use this command: /summon Enderman. To spawn them using mods, download a mod that allows you to summon Endermen.

If you’re playing on a server with mods enabled, you might have a higher chance of encountering an Enderman.

To kill an Enderman, you have to hit them at least once. Once you’ve hit them, the Enderman will become hostile and start attacking you. You will have to use your sword to fight them, because they are immune to arrows and other projectiles.

If you’re planning on fighting an Enderman, make sure you have enough healing items such as golden apples or potions of healing. If you don’t have enough healing items, the Enderman might kill you before you can kill it. You can also use a bow and arrow to fight them from afar if you want to avoid direct contact with them. If you’re planning on killing an Enderman, make sure you have a sword, bow and arrow, or some other weapon ready.

Fighting an Enderman is a difficult and dangerous task, and you don’t want to face one without any weapons. The best way to fight an Enderman is to use a bow and arrow from afar. If you’re using a sword, try to avoid getting hit by the Enderman. They can teleport when you attack them or look away from them.

Try not to do either of these things while fighting them. Otherwise, they might teleport away and escape your sword. When you shoot an Enderman with an arrow, they will become hostile and start attacking you. If you have a sword, try to attack them while they are busy attacking you.

If you don’t want to risk getting hit by an arrow, you can also use splash potions of harming to deal damage to the Enderman. You can use these potions if you’re fighting an Enderman at a distance and don’t want to get hit by arrows. When fighting an Enderman, keep in mind that they teleport often, so they will usually be somewhere else when you turn around after attacking them. This makes it hard to fight them without getting hit. This is why it’s a good idea to have a lot of healing items on hand.

If you want to kill an Enderman quickly, use potions of harming. Use splash potions of harming on them and they will take damage over time. This is a good strategy if you don’t want to risk getting hit by an arrow or sword. You can also use splash potions of instant damage, but these are less effective than splash potions of harming. Endermen are very difficult to kill, especially if they teleport away from you when you attack them. The best way to fight them is from afar with a bow and arrow.


In order to find Enderman in Overworld Minecraft, you have to first find their spawn location. We will show you all the different spawn locations and where you are likely to find the Enderman.