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Real Trumpy Bear Reviews {Is it Legit or Scam?}

We are constantly working hard at Trumpy Bear Reviews to serve readers with the best information possible. With that said, we realize it is difficult to make an informed decision on your own when a product is sold by several companies. That’s why we created this review after we ordered a Teddy Bear from Smiley Discounters.

Trumpy bear is a unique gift for every occasion. It is a 22-inch tall stuffed animal that comes with an American flag blanket and a stylish star-spangled hat. Trumpy Bear Reviews can provide you with more information about this product.

What is Trumpy Bear? Is it a scam or an honest business? We’ve reviewed the site and have listed their pros and cons below.

The bear is US President Donald Trump’s lookalike, which comes with the trademark hair and red tie. The bear is made of soft golden plush fabric with white face, ears, hands and feet.

What is Real Trumpy Bear com?

Trumpy Bear is a cuddly toy that you can purchase online. The bear looks like it has been made to resemble President Donald Trump. It has signature blonde hair, a red tie and an American flag blanket.

The Trumpy Bear boasts of having “soft” golden hair like the president, strong hands and features a star-spangled blanket. Although the bear does not resemble the president in any way, it is still selling like hotcakes in America.

The website also claims that the bear “is not available in stores” and all you have to do is pay the shipping costs to get one delivered to your doorstep. The website urges potential customers “not to wait,” as supplies are limited.


  • Domain Age: 3 years and three months old (6th August 2018)
  • Website Address:
  • Product : Teddy Bear
  • Payment method: Visa, Master, Amex and Discover cards applicable.
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping for standard delivery(2 to 4 weeks)
  • Return Policy: 30 day return period from the delivery date
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: +1 972-387-8077
  • Physical Address: Exceptional Product INC, Dallas, Texas, 752444-8021, U.S.
  • Owner Details: Exceptional Products INC.

Pros of Real Trumpy Bear

  • Trumpy Bear is 22 inches tall, has an American flag blanket attached to his back, and sports the signature blonde hair of Donald Trump. The bear itself is made from premium quality all-new polyester material.
  • Trumpy Bear’s face-fuzz is made of 100% acrylic material and its body has 100% polyester stuffing. When it comes to eyes, Trumpy Bear uses high-quality acrylic eyes with accurate facial details to make it look attractive. The bear wears a pair of glasses with brown plastic frames as well as a black tie tied at the neck area.
  • Trumpy Bear sports the U.S flag on its backside, which is neatly stitched with high-quality threading.

Cons of Real Trumpy Bear

  • Missing policy pages: Some important policy web pages are missing for this site.
  • Limited number of products: This site offers only one product for sale. No other products are available on this website.

Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit?

The first thing we need to do is check this website’s domain age. The domain age of this portal is above 3 years old (6th August 2018). According to online experts, a site with an older age always has more credibility than young-aged site.

The next thing we need to check is the Alexa ranking of this portal. According to Alexa, the ranking of the Trumpy Bear portal is 3,071,535. This points to low traffic on the site.

Exceptional Products, Inc., located in Texas owns this site. The phone number and address of this company are available on their official website.

This site is secured with HTTPS protocol; that means no one can steal your data while shopping from this portal.

This site has attached its social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram with it. There are many followers of Trumpy Bear on Facebook social media. Also, there are thousands of likes on posts related to Trumpy bear products.

We also checked the legitimacy of the Trampy bear portal on some legit review sites like Scamadviser and Trustpilot and found that there are not enough Real Trumpy Bear Reviews available on these portals.

Real Trumpy Bear Reviews

The products are sold through the company website, Amazon and Ebay. We found no customer reviews on the company site. There are, however, over a dozen customer reviews on Amazon and Ebay, with an average rating of 4.1/5 stars.

On the Facebook page for Teddy Bear, there is mention of the company’s manufacturing base and materials used for making their teddy bears.

At this time, it appears the product is safe to use as directed. However, we were unable to find any information regarding teddy bears being recalled in the past.


If you’re considering buying a Trumpy Bear, do it soon. The earlier you buy, the more value and profit you can potentially gain from this funny bear that many consider an amusing joke. Who knows? Maybe it will value a lot more years later. However, if it doesn’t, at least it can still make you smile.

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