How To Make Human In Little Alchemy?

The addictive game Little Alchemy lets you combine elements to create new things. Making a human opens up many new crafting possibilities. This guide shares the recipe and what to make next when you have human in Little Alchemy.

Key Takeaways

  • To make a human in Little Alchemy, combine life and earth.
  • Making a human unlocks new combinations like love, family, sickness, and more.
  • Over 100 new items can be created with human in Little Alchemy.
  • Simple walkthrough: air + fire = energy, earth + water = mud, mud + plant = swamp, energy + swamp = life, earth + life = human.

How to Make Human in 3 Steps?

Follow this simple 3-step guide to make a human in Little Alchemy:

  1. Combine air and fire to make energy
  2. Combine earth and water to make mud. Add plant to mud to create swamp.
  3. Add energy to swamp to create life. Finally, combine life and earth to make your first human!

You need life itself first before making a human. Mixing living energy with earth does the trick.

Little Alchemy Human Recipe

StepWhat to Combine
1air + fire = energy
2earth + water = mud
mud + plant = swamp
3energy + swamp = life
earth + life = human

With your first human created, over 100 new items unlock through new combinations.

What to Craft with Human?

Human is an important element that lets you make tons of new things in Little Alchemy.

Here are some of the most popular items to craft when you have human:

  • Human + human = love
  • House + human = family
  • Bird + human = angel
  • Brick + human = house
  • Cold + human = sickness
  • Cow + human = milk
  • Glasses + human = nerd
  • Rain + human = cold
  • Snow + human = snowman
  • Vampire + human = vampire
  • Wine + human = drunk
  • Wolf + human = werewolf
  • Zombie + human = zombie

Mix human with vampire, werewolf, or zombie to make supernatural creatures. Combine it with weather elements like rain, cold, and snow to create things like sickness. Blend human with animals to make mythical beings like angels, minotaurs, and fauns.

What to Make with Human in Little Alchemy?

Combine WithMakes
humanlove, family

Add human to household objects, mythical items, weather, animals and more for over 100 new combinations!

How to Make Life in Little Alchemy?

To make a human, you first need to create life itself in Little Alchemy.

Follow these steps to make life:

  1. Combine air and fire to create energy
  2. Mix earth and water to make mud
  3. Add plant to mud to create swamp
  4. Finally, add energy to swamp to make life

Life is essential in Little Alchemy to then make important elements like human, animals, tools, and more that enable hundreds of new creations.


Hope this simple guide covers how to make a human in Little Alchemy by combining earth and life. Use your new human element to mix over 100 new items like love, angel, house, and vampire!

Let everyone know what cool creations you discover with human!

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