How To Make Metal in Little Alchemy?

Do you want to create metal in Little Alchemy? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We will show some golden tips and tricks to know how to make metal in Little Alchemy for free. Let’s find out how in details with easy steps by following our guide.

How To Make Metal in Little Alchemy?

In Little Alchemy game, you can use many different items to create new items. Here are five popular combinations of items for making metal.

Fire + Ore=Metal

When we put a piece of ore into a fire, it can burn and melt, and then we can extract the metal from it.

Heat and Ore=Metal

It’s just like the first hint, except that you’re sure fire isn’t the only way to produce heat.

Fire + Stone=Metal

You can extract metal from stone by heating the stone because they are made of the same material.

Heat and Stone=Metal

In order to get the same effect that you got in Cheat 3, just replace fire with the amount of heat you need.

Ore and Tool=Metal

You can extract metals from ore by using different tools. The method has been around for a long time, since the emergence of civilization.

What We Can Make From Metal In Little Alchemy?

Now, you’ve learned all the combinations that we can use to make metal in Little Alchemy. Let’s try mixing some other elements to make other metals or minerals. You’ll see that it’s not always possible to combine items chemically.

  1. air helps to make rust
  2. bird helps to make airplane
  3. blade helps to make sword
  4. bullet helps to make gun
  5. carbon dioxide helps to make fire extinguisher
  6. cheese helps to make mousetrap
  7. coal helps to make steel
  8. cold helps to make fridge
  9. diamond helps to make ring
  10. electricity helps to make wire
  11. energy helps to make electricity
  12. explosion helps to make grenade
  13. glass helps to make glasses + mirror
  14. gold helps to make safe
  15. gunpowder helps to make bullet
  16. hay helps to make needle
  17. horse helps to make horseshoe
  18. human helps to make tool
  19. ice helps to make fridge
  20. life helps to make robot
  21. light bulb helps to make lamp
  22. monarch helps to make crown
  23. money helps to make safe
  24. oxygen helps to make rust
  25. rainbow helps to make gold
  26. river helps to make bridge
  27. rope helps to make chain
  28. steam engine helps to make train
  29. steam helps to make boiler
  30. stone helps to make blade
  31. Sun helps to make gold
  32. thread helps to make needle
  33. tool helps to make armor
  34. wheel helps to make car
  35. witch helps to make cauldron
  36. wood helps to make hammer

Walkthrough for metal in Little Alchemy

  • earth + fire = lava
  • air + lava = stone
  • fire + stone = metal


There are a few methods to create metal in Little Alchemy. By using the combinations of elements shown, you can create this essential resource and use it in your own creations. With a little experimentation, you’ll be able to make all sorts of things using metal!

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