Marketing Automation Platforms

Managing marketing campaigns across multiple channels is hugely time-consuming. Automating repetitive tasks like emails, social posts and ad management is key to improving campaign efficiency. Marketing automation platforms provides an integrated marketing automation platform enabling you to easily build automated workflows that engage customers and prospects.

Overview of Marketing Automation Benefits

Marketing automation tools apply technology to simplify and scale campaigns across online and offline channels. Benefits include:

  • Save time by automating repetitive promotional tasks
  • Improve consistency with standardized workflows and messaging
  • Enhance flexibility to tailor interactions to customer needs
  • Increase efficiency through seamless integration of people, processes and data
  • Drive sales growth by nurturing more leads towards conversion

In short, marketing automation platforms enables more personalized, optimized campaigns with less manual effort.’s Powerful Automation Platform

Marketing automation platforms combines robust email marketing capabilities with lead scoring, landing pages, and more on one automated platform:

Email Marketing

  • Design responsive email templates
  • Build targeted customer segments
  • Set up automated email workflows
  • Integrate signup forms and landing pages

Lead Management

  • Automatically score leads based on activity
  • Route hot leads for sales follow-up
  • Customize nurture tracks per score

Landing Pages

  • Create customized landing pages
  • A/B test page layouts and copy
  • Monitor engagement and conversion rates

Ads Management

  • Automate cross-channel digital ad campaigns
  • Central reporting on cost, clicks, conversions
  • Built-in integrations with Facebook, Google and more

These features allow comprehensive management of marketing campaigns end-to-end with powerful automation.

Key Functions of’s Platform packs robust functionality into an intuitive interface. Core capabilities include:

Workflow Builder

Visually map multi-step customer journeys to automate via drag-and-drop canvas

Lead Scoring

Automatically grade prospects using engagement and profile data to identify sales-ready leads

Email Editor

Build responsive email templates without coding using a visual editor with branding and styles

Real-time Alerts

Get instant notifications when sales prospects meet qualification triggers

Campaign Analytics

Gain visibility into email open/click rates, conversions, revenue and more with dashboards


Connect apps like Shopify, Salesforce, Facebook and more for centralized data

These features allow both marketing and sales teams to scale campaigns efficiently.

Real Customer Results with

Marketers across industries leverage to drive major performance gains:

  • 63% increase in qualified leads (Acme Tools)
  • 5X higher email open rates (Simmons & Sons)
  • 72% more email-sourced sales (Velox Fitness)
  • 41% reduction in cost per lead (ForeFront Media)

For metrics like these, over 5,000 businesses trust marketing automation platforms to optimize their marketing technology stack.


The bottom line? Marketing automation helps you work smarter to engage more customers and prospects.’s unified platform centralizes data and applies automation to simplify multi-channel campaigns. This enables more personalized, optimized experiences that expand reach and drive sales. To learn more, visit and request a custom demo.

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