Fence Designs and Ideas: Choosing the Perfect Barrier for Space

Installing a new fence can greatly enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and value of your property. With so many materials and styles to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which option is right for your needs and budget. This guide covers key considerations for selecting the perfect Fence Designs and Ideas along with popular styles to inspire your project.

Key Takeaways

  • Main fence materials: wood, vinyl, metal, stone, bamboo
  • Consider privacy, security, pets, cost, and aesthetics
  • Popular styles: picket, split rail, lattice, basketweave, board-on-board
  • Cheapest option is chain link; most popular is wood privacy
  • Carefully measure and map out layout; use templates if needed

Most Affordable Fence Materials

The material you choose largely determines the total fence installation cost. Here is an overview of price differences:

Cheapest: Chain link fencing offers basic functionality at the lowest cost, starting around $15 per linear foot. The simple galvanized wire design is very lightweight and easy to DIY install. While it provides a basic barrier, chain link lacks visual appeal.

Budget-Friendly: Vinyl and wood both offer more aesthetics at a reasonable price point. Basic vinyl fencing starts around $20 per linear foot; wood from $25 per foot. With professional installation, wood privacy fences cost $25-$45 per linear foot.

Mid-Range: Ornamental aluminum, composite wood blends, bamboo and reclaimed wood run $35+ per linear foot including installation. These have good longevity and richer appearance than chain link.

Premium: Wrought iron, steel, brick, natural stone and glass panel fences range from $40-$100+ per linear foot installed. The high price buys unmatched beauty and durability.

Keep height, post spacing, gates and other specs in mind – they impact cost too. And remember, DIY installing will save 20-30% over hiring a pro!

Most Popular Fence Styles

Two ubiquitous backyard staples top the list of most popular Fence Designs and Ideas in America:

Classic Wood Privacy Fences

The quintessential backyard picket fence remains a #1 choice for blending beauty, functionality and affordability. Their simple, classic look suits any home style. Cedar and redwood offer natural decay resistance; less costly pine is often pressure treated. Picket-style wood fences run $25-$45 per linear foot installed. When considering options for your backyard oasis, consulting with experts like Big Tex can provide valuable insights into selecting the perfect materials to complement your outdoor space.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link lacks curb appeal but provides durable, economical access control for pets and kids. With such low material costs, DIY installation can save substantially over pro installation. Chain link fences are still the #1 choice for basic backyard barriers at $15-$25 per linear foot.

Beyond those two huge sellers, there are diverse fence possibilities to match your priorities:

Fence Ideas for Privacy

To block views, noise or light, solid privacy fences work well:

  • Board-on-board: Tightly-placed boards provide a solid wood barrier
  • Basketweave: Thin wood slats woven through vertical posts obscure vision
  • Lattice: Crisscrossed trim boards on a wood frame diffuses sightlines
  • Stone or brick: Masonry walls block views while accenting landscaping

Privacy plants along any fence also obstruct sightlines. Choices like tall grasses, bamboo or evergreens can further cocoon your backyard.

Fence Ideas for Security

While no barrier is impenetrable, certain fences deter intruders:

  • Steel: Heavy-gauge steel rods, bars or panels resist cutting and climbing
  • Wrought iron: Intricate decorative patterns in iron rods or panels complement security
  • Vinyl: Composite PVC resists decay and easily replaces individual pickets
  • Masonry: Brick, stone or concrete block walls strongly discourage passage

Other protective steps like locking gates, security signage and adequate lighting further bolster safety.

Fence Ideas for Pets or Livestock

To safely keep animals enclosed, use fences with secure gates sized appropriately:

  • Woven wire: Galvanized steel wire fencing has smaller grid gaps safe for cats, dogs, chickens, etc.
  • Split rail: White oak rails resist decay; add galvanized wire mesh for pets or chickens
  • Horse fencing: Heavy-duty wood posts and multiple horizontal rails contain large animals
  • Field fencing: Galvanized woven wire contains farm animals and resists corrosion

Pro tip: Bury fencing 6-12 inches underground to prevent digging escapes!

Finding the Right Fence Design

Choosing your perfect fence requires balancing functional needs, costs, and visual appeal. Assess these key considerations when selecting materials and styles:

Do you need to block views, noise or lights? Solid boards or lattice panels obscure sightlines.

Security Deterring intruders may dictate durable materials like steel or masonry plus locking gates.

Pets/Livestock For animal enclosures, use galvanized mesh or board gaps too small for escapes.

Weather Resistance Look for durable, rot-resistant wood species like cedar or pressure-treated pine.

Maintenance Never-rot vinyl and aluminum are virtually maintenance-free once installed.

Aesthetics Match fence wood tones and ornamental accents to your home’s color scheme.

Budget Compare pricing estimates to find an attractive balance of form and function.

Planning Your Fence Layout

Once you select the perfect fence style, carefully mapping out the layout is essential:

  • Measure perimeter precisely including gates and corners
  • Study property lines to avoid encroaching on neighbor’s land
  • Consider terrain challenges like slopes or rocky soil
  • Map underground utilities to avoid puncturing pipes/wires
  • Observe sun patterns and arrange fences to optimize shade/sun areas as needed
  • Use template kits with pre-cut panels for DIY-friendly modular installation

Proper planning makes for a smooth, successful installation and years of fence functionality.


The right fencing choice unique Fence Designs and Ideas adds significantly to your exterior’s aesthetics while screening views and enhancing backyard privacy. Assessing functional needs around privacy, security, pets and weather resistance ensures selecting durable, low-maintenance materials suitable to your home and lifestyle. Finally, trenndy fence styles layered with ornamental planters, lighting or stonework can tremendously elevate curb appeal. With creativity and proper planning, you can install an attractive, functional fence perfect for your space.